Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tampopo @ Liang Court Part II

Revisited Tampopo recently and it was as crowded as before. Walk-in customers may have to wait between 10 to 15 minutes on a weekend dinner. Get a queue number and wait. There is no electronic signboard to flash the queue number, so customers need to be somewhere nearby when the staff called out in their loud voices.

For this recent dinner, we ordered a tokusen ramen (added an extra egg because the ramen doesn't come with one), salmon belly and swordfish sashimi, saba fish and maki.

salmon belly and swordfish sashimi

luxurious salmon belly

doesn't the mekajiki look like cuttle fish?

The sashimi was fresh and enjoyable, especially the oily salmon belly. Yums! My friend prefers her swordfish though. Next, we had the piping hot ramen. Nice to warm our tummies on a cool night.

tokusen cha shiu ramen

yummy, tender cha shiu

I had tried ramen at Tampopo before and it was salty then. But luckily for this order, the ramen soup was alright. Liked the cha shiu. Nicely tender but still flavourful. If your bowl of ramen doesn't come with the egg, I would suggest to order one to try. But was a little surprised that it came as a one whole egg instead of halved.

it came like this

used my chopstick to cut it into this

The yolk was nicely savoury and not too runny. Nice.


it tasted of plum

saba fish

soft and oily

Ordered the maki to fill us up, and it did. Was quite stuffed after we devoured everything. The saba fish was not overcooked, so its flesh was still soft and oily.

This dinner for two costs about $72 in total.


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