Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Graze @ 38 Martin Road

Located at 38 Martin Road, this restaurant is very near Robertson Walk. Went there to celebrate the July babies birthdays. Liked the restaurant for allowing us to bring our own cake for the celebration.


opening hours

outside of the restaurant

We were greeted at the door by the friendly service crew (dressed in cute restaurant uniform). Next we were asked if we would like sparkling or still water. Neither. Tap water will do. And yes, this restaurant do serve tap water. Another plus point.

The restaurant has a nice ambiance. Think candlelight dinner.

candlelight dinner

interior, directly facing our section
drinks coaster


We ordered starters like wok seared calamari and chipolata and beef carpacio. For mains, we had lamb rump, sirloin steak, wagyu steak, salmon steak and seafood pasta. Noticed that the restaurant menu is different from its online menu. They were having a promotion for champagne where a bottle of veuve cliquot was going for $85++. So we had that as well.

complimentary bread

starters: beef carpacio (top) and wok seared calamari and chipolata (bottom)

We were served complimentary bread while waiting for our food to arrive. The bread was soft (at room temperature) and nice to eat with the tangy balsamic vinegar in olive oil. My friend commented that the beef carpacio here was one of the better ones that he had tried thus far. I liked the wok seared calamari as it was tender and nicely fragrant with the wok fire.

waiting for our champagne
cheers to the birthday girls

Noted that the food arrival was pretty slow paced. We had our mains 20 minutes after our starters.

seafood pasta

sirloin steak

salmon steak

lamb rump

I liked the seafood pasta. It has two good sized prawns, some clams and al-dente noodles. My friend commented that the noodles were a tad too dry.

The wagyu steak did not taste as tender as I envisioned. It has less fats marbling than I thought. Same for the sirloin steak. Chewy but not jaw-achingly so. Nicest part was the one with some fats. Liked the fries though. Served hot, with soft midpart. Pair it with tangy tartar with lemon. Yums!

Salmon steak was quite dry. I was disappointed with the lamb rump. The meat was a little too tough, and it was sitting atop of something foreign that I can't make out what it was. Did not like the taste too, unfortunately. The roasted cherry tomatoes were good though.

Service was commendable but unfortunately, expected more out of the food. The price is on the higher side. The restaurant online menu can be found here.


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