Sunday, July 10, 2011

IKEA Restaurant and Cafe @ Alexandra Road

My colleague likes IKEA for its meatballs and chicken wings, plus some minor shopping, so usually I'll just trudge along for lunch. Give me chicken wings anytime! And of course, refillable unlimited cups of coffee for just 50 cents, that is value for money!

At 12+ pm during weekdays, if you are lucky, can still find seats. It is not uncommon to find students sitting there, enjoying leisurely lunch while discussing their projects. Working adults, shoppers having lunch/brunch made up the rest of the population found in the restaurant. The food queue can get crazy long, so be prepared to wait around 20 minutes.

chicken wings for 2

yummy and oily

The chicken wings are to be ordered in multiples of two. So for us two girls, usually we'll just have 2 wings each.

swedish meatballs, with potatoes


The meatballs come in two sizes; 5 or 10 balls per plate. I've seen other tables of one lady and a man, having a plate of ten meatballs per pax and two wings each. I've also seen young girls (probably late teens or early twenties) having a salad, a main course (salmon), chicken wings and dessert. Wow.

The meatballs tend to dry up and harden a little if left in the open for too long. Definitely need to eat it with the sauce. The potatoes that day were slightly harder, which probably meant that it wasn't cooked as long as it should?

Sometimes, they might have a promo on desserts, and so on that particular Tuesday, they were giving free dessert for every plate of 10 meatballs.

invaded by green desserts (round one is $2 while the longish one is free)

Well, looks can be deceiving. I thought the longish looking dessert (which was the free item for the meatballs promo) was chocolate. Turned out to be something that was seriously sweet but blah. The round dessert which my colleague couldn't resist buying, was better. It was soft, with skin similar to the snowskin mooncake (but much sweeter), and its inside has cream and cake.

don't know its name, but not bad

I had two cups of coffee, and by the end of the meal, was feeling really full! The costs of the entire meal was about $12+.


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