Monday, April 15, 2013

Bugis Junction Food Trail 2013: Everything with Fries

Located at Level 4 of Bugis Junction. If it wasn't for this event, then I wouldn't have known that there is this outlet, near the cinema.


Recommended drinks are the milkshakes (nutella, butterscotch), home brewed lemonade and iced-lemon tea.  Got myself a fizzy orange instead. (yeah, imma rebel in this way) Just remember to stir before drinking.

Fizzy Orange (soda water and orange juice)
someone else's strawberry milkshake

For starters, we got to try the One Egg Soup and Skinny Wings.

The One Egg Soup
Skinny Wings

The One Egg Soup was rather mild and creamy with a hint of sweetness. The deep fried egg soaks up the soup and gave a good mouthfeel when eaten. Liked the well marinated Skinny Wings, where its insides were still moist.

It was hard to photograph the mains, because each and every one of it looked so good that one can't resist the temptation to start eating.

Grilled Char Siew, served with garlic and chives fries
well-cooked char siew

The grilled char siew has a good ratio of lean and fats. Meaty to the bite and not too salty. Goes well with the garlic sauce.

Wild NZ King Salmon
look at the pink flesh, as tender as it looks!

Am always apprehensive about having cooked salmon. Liked 'em best when it is raw, in sashimi form. However, the Wild NZ King Salmon dish here managed to sway the opinion. Flavourful crispy crust coated the tender and almost melt-in-your-mouth soft flesh. Good.

Char-grilled Beef Karubi
boneless, fork tender meat

The boneless beef shortrib was nicely tender, adequately seasoned but wished its flavours could be stronger. Perhaps, had taken a tad too long to photograph and did not get to enjoy the dish when it was still warm.

Chicken Sandwich
Grilled Pork Chop, served with shoe-string curry fries

Liked the Pork Chop, especially nearing the bones where it's more fatty. Strong flavours, oily to chew but that's what made it so good. Yums.

The dish that made the most visual impact (imho), was the Steak with Tulang (bone marrow), a seasonal dish. It is a plate of char-grilled ribeye steak (a whopping 280gms!), two small halves of grilled bone marrow and served with sauteed mushrooms, and thick cut fries with truffle oil.

Steak with Tulang (@$25.90++)

Was grinning wide, as I was cutting the steak. From the meat's resistance to the knife, one can roughly guess whether the meat would be tender or tough to chew. Liked the ribeye, tender with some bite and juicy. Nice. This is something that I would love to order again when the craving for a ribeye comes-a-calling!

Everything with Fries

Location: #04-05, Bugis Junction


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