Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bugis Junction Food Trail 2013: Siam Kitchen

Siam Kitchen is located at Level 2 of Bugis Junction and is halal-certified.

Started off with a small bowl of Tom Yum Talay (Tom Yum Seafood Soup). The soup has a tolerable spiciness level that was quite shiok to drink. It's sourness was just right to give it a tangy edge.

Tom Yum Talay

Besides tom yum soup, there were also the salads as appetisers; green papaya salad and mixed salad with beef.

green papaya salad with shrimp flakes (@$7.50++)
Thai mixed salad with NZ beef fillet (Yum Neau Song Kreung) @$8.50++

Both salads are strongly flavoured and I favoured the green papaya salad more for its appetite whetting abilities, while the beef fillets in the Thai mixed salad were tender with a beefy taste.

Also sampled the Deep Fried Whole Garoupa Fish (Pla Gao Tod Sam Road). The fish meat has been filleted out into smaller chunks, so that was quite convenient to eat, and the remaining whole fish bone (including head and tail) was also deep fried to a crisp and presented together on the same plate. Nice. It's quite addictive, popping those fish chunks into the mouth...

Deep Fried Whole Garoupa with chili dip (@$23.90++)

The Siam Siam Grilled Combo Platter comes with four types of meat; chicken, beef, squid and prawns, and grilled to a smokey flavour. Liked the tender chicken, while the beef was slightly dryer.

Siam Siam Grilled Combo Platter (@$22.90++)

Siam Kitchen

Location: #02-46, Bugis Junction
Tel: 6337 3777


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