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Bugis Junction Food Trail 2013: Platypus Kitchen

The good people behind Platypus Kitchen believes that gourmet food should be affordable. Think fresh handmade pasta, quality ingredients, beautifully plated and value-for-money, with all dishes priced below $20. It's also stated in their menu that the food contains no added preservatives, no MSG and made from scratch. Inexpensive, good food made with heart. How's that for your next meal?

One might then wonder if the ambiance is sacrificed? Non. The restaurant is spacious and comfortable with padded seats, and nicely decorated too.


Sampled some dishes from the current Autumn/Winter menu. Plenty of choices for pasta and risotto.


Here are the starters:

Crab Cake and Truffle Fries
Truffle Fries, with generous amount of shaved truffles ($6.90++)
Risotto Balls (@$8.90++)

The Risotto Balls were not much of a looker, but it has quite a nice flavour. Slather on a good amount of pumpkin puree, and you'll get sweet, crunchy, chewy cheesy all in one bite.

mozarella stuffed balls of risotto, breaded in panko and deep fried, with pumpkin puree

Thirsty? Because regular beer is said to be kind of boring, so they've got alcoholic creations such as Momo-Lychee Ale (peach and lychee flavoured) and Smith's Ale (apple and lemon infused). Current beer used is a Mexican beer, Sol.

Momo-Lychee Ale (@$9.90++ ala-carte / $6.90++ as part of a set) 2.9% ABV

Enjoyed the ale. Refreshing on a hot day. Yums. Though pretty low on alcoholic content, do still drink responsibly!

Now, let's take a look at the mains:

Carbonara (egg taglietelle with double smoked bacon in egg-yolk cream sauce @$14.50++)
Squid-ink Scallops Ragout (squid ink taglioni served with seared bay scallops in light garlic-dashi sauce @$16.50++)
Saffron & Caviar Risotto (saffron infused risotto with char-grilled prawns and scallops @$19.90++)
Spicy 'Diablo' Crab & Prawn (egg taglioni with prawns and crab claws tossed in spicy egg sauce @$18.50++)

All the pasta dishes and risotto looked so pretty. The taglietelle was done al-dente and perfect for those who likes chewy, thicker noodles. The carbonara didn't have an overly heavy taste despite the egg-yolk sauce. No worries about teeth stains when having the squid-ink ragout, as the ink has already been incorporated into the dough. In fact, this was a rather light tasting dish. I think I had the risotto a tad too late, as it had turned cold. Sorry chef, next time should eat as soon as it's brought to the table!

Personally, I'd prefer the Spicy 'Diablo' for its less chewy, stronger and more intense flavour (spicy!) and loads of ingredients like that pile of crab claw meat! Lip-smacking good.

For non-pasta main dish, we sampled the Pressed Pork Belly. Tender piece of meat. Belly good! It has a sweet well-rounded flavour from the glaze. Tasty.

Pressed Pork Belly (served with braised apples, carrots, tomatoes in honey & clove apple glaze @19.90++)

Had dessert, the Iced Sea Salt Caramel to round up the meal. Sweet, and crunchy.

Iced Sea Salt Caramel (@$8.90++)
popping candy ontop, and bottom chocolate peanut butter brittle

Platypus Kitchen offers monthly set promotions for both lunch (from $10.90++) and dinner (from $16.90++). Ontop of that, you may want to check-out their facebook page for other claimable offers.

And, continuing the spread of good news...how would you like to get your hands on "Bachelor's Banquet", a cookbook by Nicholas Lin (chef and owner of Platypus restaurants) and Adhika Maxi. Containing 80 elegant recipes and some tips, perfect to recreate an intimate dinner for two.

Just drop me an email to purplerain@gmail.com stating some basic information about yourself (at least tell me your name) and why this cookbook should belong to you. Or, leave your comments here, also can.

Be quick, as there is only one copy to giveaway! (This giveaway is only for people who are residing in Singapore.)

The giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your participation!

Bachelor's Banquet Cookbook

Platypus Kitchen

Location: #03-29, Bugis Junction
Tel: +65 6333 4434
Website: http://www.platypuskitchen.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlatypusKitchen
Twitter: @platypuskitchen

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