Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bugis Junction Food Trail 2013: nydc

nydc (or New York Dessert Cafe), was where my friends made me feed mudpie to a stranger, a random guy. That was for a birthday dare. Hahaa, those memories...

Fast forward to April 2013, nydc was our sixth stop of the Bugis Junction Food Trail.  Located at Level 2, we were ushered into the insides of the cafe which was rather cosy.

board menu and red menu
cosy corner
interior decor
Let's start off with some cakes.

Goldmine cheesecake (full size @$68)
Goldmine Cheesecake (@$7.20 per slice)
Boo Boo (@$6.80 per slice / $62 whole)

The Goldmine Cheesecake (New York cheesecake) was compact and dense and loved the choco fudge ontop, while the Boo Boo (chocolate cake) was airy with lots of cream. Good thing all the cakes were not overly sweet. Very nice with a cup of coffee.

Next up, how about having a ménage à trois? What's this proposition! Hahaha, relax. Have a 3-some, a strawberry mudpie where 3 layers of choco chip cookie dough are sandwiched between strawberry, strawberry cheesecake icecream and graham crackers.

3-some (@$11.80 per slice)

Or, may the sweets be with you via the Jedi Mudster, a double choc chip macadamia nut ice-cream on oreo base with homemade cookie chunks, topped with choc fudge and whiped cream.

Jedi Mudster (@$11.80 per slice)

All mudpies should be savoured last! Loved the cold ice, and the sweet sensations that attacks all at once. The bliss.

To further tempt you, scan the QR code below for e-voucher to get 50% off 2nd main course! Promo ends 20 April, so hurry!


Location: #02-47/48, Bugis Junction


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