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[Media Invite] Celebrate Lunar New Year with Authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine @ Famous Treasure

We are now back to the first of the Chinese zodiac sign; the Rat. What better way to usher in new beginnings than having delicious meals at Famous Treasure with your loved ones?

Famous Treasure is located at Level 2 of Capitol Piazza and is an extension of Famous Kitchen (located in Sembawang). Read about my first experience at Famous Kitchen and watch out for this space as I will bring you an updated version soon!

entrance to Famous Treasure

Famous Kitchen serves Nanyang fare, a Southeast Asian cuisine style assimilated from cultures such as Teochew, Hokkien and Cantonese. The place has an elegant and cosy feel, and is able to accommodate up to 150 diners, and has 4 private rooms available for booking. Suitable for business dining as well.


Chinese New Year Menu

Prosperity Shun De Yu Sheng 顺德鱼生

Shunde Yu Sheng @$118++/$180++ (for 6 pax/10 pax portion)

Shunde is said to be one of the origin of our Southeast Asia's yusheng as we know it today. Revisit the taste of original yusheng at Famous Treasure, and what I liked about the Shunde style Yu Sheng, is that there was no need to jostle for the few slices of fish. It will flow to you naturally as it will be individually plated. Keke, guaranteed win! When a restaurant uses yellowtail (hamachi) for its yusheng, you have my vote already. Just take my money!

Shunde Yu Sheng 顺德鱼生 - feat. hamachi

The yusheng is available as à la carte order and for takeaways. It is also available on normal days (non-CNY period) and is available with 3-days advance reservation.

Chicken Soup with Morel Mushroom and Peach Gum 羊肚菌桃胶炖鸡汤

Chicken Soup with Morel Mushroom and Peach Gum @$68++/$138++ (medium/large)
close-up view of peach gum and morel mushrooms

Peach gum is the resin from peach and is said to be rich in amino acid, which allows collagen to be quickly absorbed into the human body. The chicken soup has a natural sweetness from the essence of the chicken, and light earthy flavours of the mushrooms. Peach gum was like a soft, collageny blob.

Roasted "Silver Hill" Irish Duck 爱尔兰金牌烧肥鸭

Roasted "Silver Hill" Irish Duck 爱尔兰金牌烧肥鸭 @$58++/$108++ (half/whole)
drumstick view

Imagine well roasted duck meat that has a firm chew yet still tender to the jaw, and best parts were those with skin and fatty bits that oozes flavour! My favourite piece of duck would be from the breast. Roasted "Silver Hill" Irish Duck is a signature dish which is also availabe in the CNY Set Menus including Success Set B, Happiness Set C and Fortune Set D.

Steamed Marble Goby "Fisherman Stye" 渔夫蒸笋壳

Steamed Marble Goby "Fisherman Style" 渔夫蒸笋壳

The steamed Marble Goby "Fisherman Style" is available in Wealth Set A and Fortune Set D. Simple flavours with premium freshwater fish. The meat texture was firm, compact and smooth.

Steamed Marble Goby "Fisherman Style"

Wok-fried Prawn Ball with Traditional "Nanyang" Style 南洋风味炒虾球

Wok-fried Prawn Ball with Traditional "Nanyang" Style 南洋风味炒虾球 @$36++/$54++/$72++ (small/medium/large)

Can I just say that the wok-fried prawn ball done in Nanyang style is a crowd favourite? Nothing beats a plump, firm prawn, battered and fried with 'saucy' coating that exuded familiar Southeast Asian flavours. It just shouts "YUM". Available in CNY à la carte menu.

one is never enough

Prosperity Fortune Treasure Pot (Pre Order) 发财盆菜

Prosperity Fortune Treasure Pot (Pre Order) 发财盆菜 @$388++/$588++ (small/large)

The pencai is available on the CNY Takeaway Menu and CNY à la carte menu. Loaded with premium ingredients such as abalone, fish maw, dried scallops, dried oysters, sea cucumber, prawns, and fa cai. The connoisseur would not want to miss the tasty vegetables lining the pot as those would have absorbed all the lovely flavours.

pencai - individual portion

pencai pot
Good news is that one could buy a small Pencai and enjoy a complimentary small Yusheng, or get a big Pencai and enjoy a complimentary big Yusheng. Wow, that's a good deal!

The Auspicious Set Menus and Prosperity CNY Treats Takeaways are available from 13 Jan to 8 Feb 2020, while the Prosperity À La Carte Menu is available from 25 to 27 January 2020. Please make your enquiries direct with the restaurant.

Thank you Jennifer (JY Consultancy) for the invite and Famous Treasure for hosting. Happy New Year everyone!

Famous Treasure Chinese Restaurant

Address: 13 Stamford Rd, #02-28 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905
Contact: +65 6881 6668/+65 9730 7548
Business Hours:
Daily: 11:30am–3pm, 6–10:30pm


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