Friday, October 11, 2019

The Coconut Club @ 28 Ann Siang Road

Opened in 2016, visited by Prime Minister in the same year, and the restaurant was listed in 2018's Michelin's Bib Gourmand list. The Coconut Club is now located at 28 Ann Siang Road.


Visited on a Saturday after lunch hour, and there was a queue outside the restaurant. For the people that are patiently queuing, they provide iced water, rose syrup and I see bottles of wine too. Self-service although I have not seen anyone enjoying the wine that day. Loved the instant relief from the iced cold rose syrup water especially on a hot humid day.

for the people queuing 

We waited for about half an hour and got a table shortly after 2pm. The place was bustling as expected. Plenty of friends from foreign countries and some hip looking locals.

peeped inside to see what's happening
ok, our turn to be seated
action packed

The food menu and drinks menu came with tiny fonts. I just can't. We ordered a basic plate of nasi lemak, paru, kueh salat and a chendol. For the nasi lemak's fried chicken and depending on what's in-stock, you can choose to have either white or dark meat. The white meat was of a larger piece, but we opted for dark as I loved chicken thigh. The wait for the dark meat to be fried (because it was out of stock), was about 15 to 20 minutes.

food menu

The Basic @$12.80++

The chicken was fried to a deep brown and looked inviting. The other condiments like fried peanuts, ikan bilis (anchovies), sliced cucumber and a dollop of sambal were neatly placed at the side of the plate and surrounding the coconut rice. For egg, you have a sunny side up with a wobbly center.

The chicken was crispy and well fried and had mild flavours. Was sort of expecting more flavours from the chicken. Perhaps the seasoning that day was lighter? The sambal was of a less spicy variant and my guess is that everyone could enjoy it.

let it flow

The Paru (beef lungs) Sambal Lado side dish that we ordered, was surprisingly superb. Substantial pieces of tender bouncy lungs and topped with lovely sambal. Because they serve this in large pieces, I felt it was akin to eating lung steak. This was my favourite thing from The Coconut Club.

Paru Sambal Lado @$7++
so yummy

To end the meal, one could enjoy local kuih like kuih salat, bingka or kosui. Ordered a piece of kuih salat just to try try. It looks beautiful and a nice introduction to foreign friends. 

Kuih Salat @$2++
loved the vibrant colour

The must-order for dessert would be the chendol. Loved the amount of gula melaka on this and the ratio of the coconut milk. Lots of red bean toppings too. Lovely and value for money.

Chendol @$3.80++

When it was near to their mid-day break time, we were asked by the service staff on whether they could clear our plates, though we were still enjoying the last bits of our meal. This occurred for about 3 times with about 5 minutes in between each request by different service crew, before we acceded. And out of curiosity, we asked one of them (the last one who cleared our table) on why they need to constantly ask to clear the plates within such short intervals and there wasn't any queue by then. His reply was that it is part of their SOP not to have messy table so that customers can dine comfortably. Hmm, does this mean that our table were that messy? Oops.


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