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[Tasting] Kai Duck 嘉苑美鸭 @ Ngee Ann City

Located at Level 5 of Ngee Ann City, Kai Duck is a new modern Cantonese casual dining restaurant by Kai Garden. Its menu has creative signature dishes based on Cantonese-style Peking Duck. The outlet itself is decked in 1960's cha chaan teng (茶餐廳) decor with an upbeat modern vibe. Expect delicious contemporary Cantonese cuisine that appeals to millennial as well as baby boomers.

sights that greeted diners

Service was quick and friendly. The place was bustling and packed a crowd on a Friday evening. The 160-seater restaurant has 3 private dining rooms that can accommodate larger group of up to 12 pax. Reservation is advised.

Let's start with a pot of hot tea as our choice of drinks. Absolutely loved the striking blue coloured pot. Tea itself was mildly fragrant with a light taste. Forgot to ask what type of tea it was!


Started with a plate of cold appetiser in the form of Chilled Mini Tomatoes topped with Japanese Sesame Sauce. This dish whets the appetite with its combination of sweet from the red mini tomatoes countered by the savoury from the fragrant goma sauce. There's bits of aiyu jelly for additional texture contrast.

Chilled Mini Tomatoes topped with Japanese Sesame Sauce @$10.80

Then, we had the pan-fried carrot cake from their dim sum menu. Can taste bits of lap cheong 腊肠, dried shrimps 虾米 and slivers of radish in the lo bak gou (萝卜糕). Was that chili sauce that was drizzled all over? Hehee.

Pan Fried Carrot Cake @$13.80

You know, very often we only get to eat Peking Duck if it was a big family outing like Chinese New Year or grandma's birthday, or with big group of friends. Now, we can feast on the crispy crunchy goodness of Peking Duck without having to order the entire fowl at Kai Duck.

Let's see what Chef Fung, owner and Group Executive Chef, has in mind for us diners with Kai Duck's featured signature dishes; Sliced Peking Duck with Crackers, Mini Burger with Peking Duck Salad, Crispy Bun with Sliced Peking Duck and Peking Duck Handroll.

Sliced Peking Duck with Crackers @$4.80 (min. 4 pieces)
Mini Burger with Peking Duck Salad @$9.80
Crispy Bun with Sliced Peking Duck @$4.80 (min. 4 pieces)
Peking Duck Handroll @$4.80

I was impressed by the Peking Duck skin. Glistening, golden and crispy all the way, even after many shots of photo-taking prior. Amazing.

Unlike traditional Peking style of baking the duck with fire, at Kai Duck, the duck skin is prepared by using the Cantonese method of drizzling the duck with oil after baking. Expect a good mouthfeel from the duck oil for the paper-thin skin that crackled with each bite. I loved how the crispy skin was further enhanced by the pairing of cracker, deep fried bun/mini burger, as well as the crispy popiah skin in the handroll.

The Sliced Peking Duck with Crackers was refreshing with a slice of cucumber and tangy sauce, and the crispy texture further enhanced by the tasty corn cracker. The Mini Burger with Peking Duck Salad felt more substantial with the inclusion of duck meat. Thought the salad was a bit like coleslaw. It was funny, as we thought the crispy bun looked like luncheon meat. The Crispy Bun with Sliced Peking Duck was crispy duck skin, with cream cheese and extra crispy flattened mantou. There was a bit of sweetness from the handmade mantou bun too.

My favourite signature dish would be the Peking Duck Handroll. I loved the extra crunch from the popiah skin, the sweet savoury sesame sauce that coated the duck meat and the cucumber slices for extra freshness in taste. Yummy. 好食!

Stir Fried Hong Kong Cai Xin with Pork and Preserved Vegetables @$15.80

We didn't forget our vegetables and the plate of greens in the form of crunchy cai xin topped with the preserved vegetables was a good interlude. This dish goes well with rice and speaking of which, I'd recommend you to try their Signature Fried Rice with Black Truffle Mushroom and Beetroot, served in a hot stone pot.

Signature Fried Rice with Black Truffle Mushroom and Beetroot @$16.80

As soon as this was served, we were greeted with a strong whiff of truffle aroma. It looked pretty with all the puffed rice topping which was hiding the pinkish-purple grains below. What could this be like? How will it taste? Thoughts started to run wild and anticipation builds.

The service staff will mix the rice for the table. Loved the colour and can't wait to taste.

delicious signature fried rice

It was love at first bite. Savoury, flavourful and with crispy bits and the tiny diced mushrooms and sweet corn. Maximum enjoyment even when it was meatless. Recommended!

Chase this with some hot soup and we tried the Poached Patin Fish Soup with Chinese Wine. The wild caught patin fish is delivered twice weekly from Sarawak and each fish weighs about 5kg. This fresh water fish is also known as '水果鱼', loosely translated as 'fruit fish' because it loves to feed on the fruits around the river. Rich in collagen and fish oil.

Poached Patin Fish Soup with Chinese Wine @$38
full of goodness

The soup has a wholesome rich taste accentuated by the mild flavours of ginger, yam and chinese wine. The pot is meant for 4 pax but I want more soup! For fish lovers, especially those who loves fish oil, then this pot can also be shared amongst two pax. Just give me a bowl of rice to go along with this for a happy meal.

If you don't fancy fish, how about trying some Crisp-Fried Fish, Prawn and Crab with Black Truffle Sauce?

 Crisp-Fried Fish, Prawn and Crab with Black Truffle Sauce @$16 (min. 4 pieces)

Loved the yellow hue and the cereal coated batter. The Black Truffle Sauce has strong flavours, so a dab will do.

cheers to good food, good friends

Thank you Kris for extending the invite and May, Kai Duck for hosting the dinner. Kudos to Chef Cheung and his team for the delicious food. Special thanks to the service crew who attended to our table.

Kai Duck 嘉苑美鸭

Location: 391 Orchard Road, #05-10/11, Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238872
Contact: +65 6235 5419
Business Hours:
Monday to Fridays:
11.30am to 4.30pm* (last order at 4.30pm);
5.00pm to 10.30pm (last order at 10.00pm).

Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays:
10.00am to 4.30pm*
5.00pm to 10.30pm

*Dim Sum available


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