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Big Sake Bar @ 302 Beach Rd (The Concourse Skyline)

Big Sake Bar is a contemporary Japanese izakaya'esque place that serves contemporary fusion Japanese, and plenty of sake. The place is located at The Concourse Skyline and is within walking distance from Sultan Gate. Its taxi drop-off point is somewhat disorientating and somehow I ended up at the Concourse instead. Just keep to the same side and walk further towards Sultan Gate and one will see a row of dining places, inclusive of Big Sake Bar.

internal decor of old school Japanese posters

Overall, the place feels a bit smallish but cosy. Be greeted upon entrance and it could accommodate groups of 8 pax as per our party size. On the other end from our table, there is space for another 4 pax.

table for 4
We ordered a bottle of Nabeshima "Pink Label" which is of the Tokubetsu Hanjozo variant. From Saga, Kyushu with ABV 15%. The sake is clear and has a clean dry mouthfeel, with aromas of grain. Tasty and easy to drink.

Nabeshima "Pink Label" 720ml @$88+

Plus, the sake cups were so cute! I liked my deep blue cup with a 3D koi in it.

there's a koi in my sake (cup)

For starters, we got the izakaya favourite of tako wasabi, which was essentially chopped raw octopus with wasabi. For the uninitiated, this dish is rather slimey and strongly flavoured but goes well with the drinks.

tako wasabi, served with seaweed sheets @$8+

Agedashi Tofu @$8+
Nitako @$12+

The agedashi tofu was different from what I'm used to have. The tofu here is thinly sliced before being battered and deep fried. So cool, and looked lovely when plated. Tasted soft too. 

The nitako is said to be boiled octopus in special sauce. However, there were more chopped cucumber and tomatoes in there, than the octopus so I'll skip this one and have the tako wasabi instead.

Tamago Mentaiyaki @$10+
For a dish with a bit more luxury, we opted for the Hotate Foie Gras from the Chef's Special section. Whoa, foie gras and scallop for just $18? Yaassss! Give me more! But alas, we exercised restrained and managed to share this amongst the many of us.

Hotate Foie Gras ホタテのフォアグラ @$18+

What's a Japanese meal without sashimi? Why, it is an incomplete one! And hence, we had the Hirame Uni Sashimi. Seems like this is not in its online menu though.

Hirame Uni Sashimi @$40+

Hirame is a type of flounder and sliced thinly for sashimi with an almost translucent flesh. Clean, firm and slightly bouncy chew and has a mild flavour. Paired with creamy uni for an immediate elevated contrast in texture as well as flavour!

For the non-drinkers, we had green tea in jugs as well. Its price is based on per head. But one could have unlimited refills.

green tea @$2+ per head

But what about our main dish? The highlights at Big Sake Bar would be its kushiyaki, I'd think. Large chunks of meat on skewers? A resounding yes! For the kushiyaki platter, one could opt for either 6 or the 9 sticks with different pricing. However, it would be an omakase style where the chef decides on the items to be served.

Kushiyaki platter - 9 kinds of grilled skewers 串焼き @$30+ per plate

For our 9 sticks platter, there were about 7 meat skewers and two vegetables. My favourites (surprisingly comprised of vegetable skewers!) were the shitake mushrooms, brinjal and the butabara (pork belly) skewers. So good. Expect a heavy hand in seasoning but it all tasted so good with the sake.

Each stick of the butabara 豚バラ is priced at $4.50+ so we had a repeat of those to satisfy the meat cravings.

Speaking of meat cravings, we also had a plate of grilled pork jowl (pork cheek). The texture was kind of firm yet crunchy crisp. Not like a cracker but in the meat-kind of context.

Pork Cheek @$16+

If you prefer something warm and soothing but does not want to load up on the carbs, why not have the Yasai Takiawase. A bowl of comforting stewed vegetable. There were pumpkin, carrot, daikon, brinjal and shitake mushrooms. So good and the awesome taste!

Yasai Takiawase @$9+

By this time, our belly are full and the alcohol kicking in, so to end our night, let's share some delicious warm soup.

soup of the day @$10+

All in all, we spent about $52 per pax for an evening of relaxed vibes, in good company and good food. The food is reasonably priced and at the moment, there is no GST, only 10% service charge.

Thank you Ivan for making the reservation. An enjoyable evening with the boys; Hoong An, Alvin, Hence and the girls; Tracy and Elle.

Big Sake Bar

Address: 302 Beach Rd, #01-02, Singapore 199600
Contact: 62912700, 96567105
Business Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays - 5:00pm - 12midnight
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays


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