Thursday, November 15, 2018

Le Bon Funk @ 29 Club Street

It was that time of the month again. May not be what you were thinking but instead, am referring to wine nights. The chosen place for this round, was Le Bon Funk. What was that again? The Good Funk? A fun sounding name, yes? With a rather curious mind, proceeded with anticipation.

Drinking on a Tuesday? Why not. Le Bon Funk is a bar that serves natural wine and has a plethora of fine casual foods. Ivan and Elle had been sipping on wine beers when I arrived. Canned beers?

drinking (on) a Tuesday (wine beer)
open kitchen view

For starters, we had the Cedar Jam & Foie Gras. Usually, it's two on a plate so we ordered double for the 4 of us. First thought when it arrived was, "Where's the foie gras?!"

Truth be told, it looked like a dessert. White snowy top on toast. Shaved foie gras, they said. Oh, I see. On first bite, it tasted melty, creamy and sweet with a savoury aftertaste. Only a mild hint of the foie gras. Innovative, but I still liked my chunky, wobbly, creamy liver.

Cedar Jam & Foie Gras @$36

Was happy when the next dish of chips landed on our table. Thick, crispy handcut chips with a bowl of onion dip with caviar. Loved the bright green colour of the chopped onions. This was simply addictive. So good.

Chips @$35

With chips all gone and half a bowl of the delicious dip left, was contemplating on whether to order bread. Meanwhile, Chef Keirin came over and wanted to remove the dip but we stopped him. "Would you like more chips?" He asked. Why, yes of course. When the second batch of chips came, it was freshly made and still warm to touch! Enjoyed to its max. Thank you Chef Keirin!

Domaine Danjou Barnessy SuperNova @$115 per bottle

We drank the SuperNova made from muscat grape. Aromatic, slightly fruity and of a mellow yellow colour. Easy to drink and a tad milder than expected. Paired well with the chips.

Epoisses in Kataifi @$24

Epoisses is a type of raw cow cheese. Never heard of it prior and first time eating it. First observation of the Epoisses in Katafi dish, was that the ball was drenched in something sticky sweet. Was that honey? After the sweetness, and as one bites into the ball, a very strong fragrance overwhelmed the mouth. At this point in time, it was either to spit it out or to chew on. Not so bad, as the smell seemed pungent (like blue cheese) but the texture was of a likeable creaminess. The Kataifi pastry strips was of a perfect crunch to contrast against the creamy texture. Would I eat this again?, thank you.

Next up, was a dish of sardine, served with yuzu kosho (柚子胡椒). The kosho is a type of Japanese seasoning, with paste made from chili peppers, yuzu peel and salt. Spicy indeed but refreshing taste.

Sardine @$25
Am ready for something more substantial. The Beef Tongue came in a form of a sandwich, much like a Reuben. A quarter for each of us. I felt alive after taking a bite of this! Layers of super tender tongue, and superbly toasted bread with crisp edges. Yums.

Beef Tongue @$26
tender tongue
The last main dish to arrive was the Heritage Chicken. Chicken, served whole. With legs and claws. There was a sudden urge to clip away at the sharp ends of the chicken feet. Noticed that the chicken was first baked in the oven before it was later grilled on the charcoal top. Served on top a bed of greens. Nice. We get to eat our veggies too!

Heritage Chicken @$68

Am very happy with the chicken dish. The meat was so tender and flavourful. Marinade/seasoning was on point. Lovely crunch from the vegetables too. By this time, we were feeling rather full. Nonetheless, let's order a dessert.

It was either between Ricotta Ice-Cream or Banana Oats. Glad we chose the Banana Oats. Crunchy, salty oats goes so well with the rest of the components.

Banana Oats @$10
Expect to spend about $100 per pax for food and drinks.

Thank you Elle, Ivan and Hoong An for the wonderful evening. Always a pleasure to enjoy wine with you.

Le Bon Funk

Address: 29 Club St, Singapore 069414
Contact: 6224 1490
Business Hours:
Tuesdays to Saturdays: 530pm to 12am. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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  1. Delicious food available here. Service from staff very good. Highly recommend to my friends for this food.


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