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Happenings Every 1st Saturday of the Month @ Live Like a Local with Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

If you are staying over at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel over the weekends and it happens to be the 1st Saturday of the month, then you are in for a treat. The hotel has specially curated activities in accordance of cultural festivities celebrated in Singapore, to allow a fresh, hands-on experience for their guests. One could take a look at the activity schedule here. All these are offered complimentary, hence do enquire from the concierge.

Let's have a glimpse of the activities!

How to Cook like a Master Chef –1 December 2018 (Christmas)

We tried our hands at panzerotti making under the watchful guidance from Chef Mirko Vinci, Head Chef of Grissini. Panzerotti originates from Central and South Italy, and is like a mini calzone.

making panzerotti with Chef Mirko @ Grissini

Was stoked to have our own apron and Chef's hat prepared for the session. This activity is also suitable for families with children. Chef demonstrated the process of making the dough from scratch as well as mixing of the ingredients.

Chef Mirko kneading the dough
churning out the pastry sheet

getting it ready for the participants to hands-on

It was like making prawn dumplings or curry puff. Get the pastry sheet, put in the fillings, spritz it with water and fold it, before deep frying.

ready for the fryer

enjoying the outcome

To be a Tai Chi Master– 5 January 2019 (New Year)

It was a rainy morning when we had the session with Master Leo. First, he'd explain the benefits of Tai Chi and after which, we proceeded to watch a demonstration before eventually trying out the basic moves with him.

Tai Chi Quan (太极拳) is a form of martial arts, often practiced for self-defense and health benefits. Modern styles of Tai Chi are differentiated into five schools; Chen, Yang, Hao, Wu and Sun. The one taught by Master Leo belongs to the Yang family style; 楊氏. If you are interested to know the stances for Yang-family Tai Chi, here is a link.

Master Leo, Tai Chi Master
advanced moves
Master Leo conducts the lesson in English and he has given English names to the stances. Expect to hear things like "Grasp the bird tail", "Stork spread wings" etc. We were introduced to the first 18 out of 104 stances. At least, now I know what to do when I hear"commencement of Tai Chi".

Merlion Chocolate Carving– 6 July 2019 (Racial Harmony Day)

Chocolate carving experience was fun, and if you need glasses, do bring them along otherwise, you'd be like me, having to squint through out the session. I am presbyopic. Ooh, do wear a light cardigan or a sweater as the room will be tuned to a lower temperature in order to preserve the condition of the chocolate block.

everything that we need
Artist Wee introducing the processes

Put on the glove and we are ready to start. Handling the tools reminded me of my Biology classes. Artist Wee was friendly and we could ask him any questions when we got stuck or made a mistake during the session.

let's the fun begin!
most often used tool
I carved a (choco) Merlion today
The merlion chocolate makes a good souvenir to bring home.

Shake a Cocktail– 6 April 2019 (Easter)

We headed down to Tempo for this session. In-house mixologist, Valentyn was on-hand to guide us through.

Shake a Cocktail
ingredients all lined up

We made Singapore Sling and Daiquiri. Singapore Sling is an iconic drink that is gin-based. There were 7 ingredients for Singapore Sling, and all these were to be poured into the shaker.

ready to be shaken
shake it, don't drop it
strain it 
topped it with soda water
Singapore Sling, Grand Copthorne Waterfront style

In comparison, Daiquiri's recipe was much easier. Only 3 ingredients. The only question that I had was why the shaker was not insulated? So cold and hard to shake for long. Kudos to the mixologist and bartenders for being able to withstand the cold.

pour it in
Daiquiri, shaken not stirred

Am guessing that this activity would be pretty popular amongst guests who loves their cocktail. Remember not to miss it!

For more information on the other activities happening on the 1st Saturday of the month, please visit the hotel link.

Thank you Gilbert and team Grand Copthorne Waterfront for the experience preview. It was fun!


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