Sunday, June 24, 2018

Koffee Art (Coffee Nowhere) @ West Coast Plaza

First time to this cafe. This is a self-service joint, so simply walk-in to the cafe, grab a menu and be seated. Once you've made up your mind, one has to order at the cashier, make payment and collect the drinks. Ice-water, cutlery and plates are self-service. There are some small steps from the cashier to the table, hence need to balance as not to topple any food or drinks.

If the shop is not busy, the staff will bring the hot food / waffles to your table.

smoked duck pasta with poached egg @$8.90

Ordered a savoury main of smoked duck pasta. The cream based sauce was a tad watery and overall, the pasta dish was a tad bland. Otherwise, there's a hint of truffle oil in this concoction.

close-up view of runny yolk

Ordered a lungo and an ondeh-ondeh cake to go along with it. A lungo coffee is basically hot water with espresso. Served with sugar gem biscuits.

lungo @$4.90

The cake was likeable and not too sweet. Goes well with the black coffee.

ondeh-ondeh cake @$4.50

The biggest disappointment was the waffles. The waffles itself was alright, just a tad sweeter than expected. But the berries that came with the waffles, especially the raspberry was actually bad. Soggy and not fresh. The pistachio ice-cream had a rather artificial taste. Our mistake as we did not try the ice-cream prior to ordering.

berries waffles with pistachio (premium) and strawberry @$17.50

Spent about $43 for 3 pax. The promo for students looked quite good. The savoury food seemed better than its dessert.


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