Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Cat Cafe @ 241B Victoria Street Bugis

Located at Victoria Street, Bugis, and above Burger King. From Bugis Junction, cross the road over to Victoria Street and head towards Burger King. At Burger King, turn left and enter the narrow alleyway to find the stairs up to The Cat Cafe. Walk up three levels, and you'd see the entrance to the cafe.

entrance to The Cat Cafe
Entrance fee is $15 per entry with a complimentary soft-drink. There is no time limit to your stay at the cafe. Soft-drink choices included Heaven & Earth green tea, sprite, coke and A&W amongst others. Top-up to change the drink to juices or coffee. Choose your drink and make the payment at the cashier. Then, take off your shoes and sanitize your hands. The staff will guide you to your table. One could choose the floor seats or the table seats. Older folks like me, preferred to take the table seat.

Sunday afternoon
window seat, drink and bag cover

Staff would explain the house rules briefly to the first-timers there. Pretty universal rules for cats/dog cafes. Was there on a Sunday around 330pm and almost all the cats were sleeping. Still cute, even when sleeping.

sleeping Kelly
Fruitcake, is it comfortable, sleeping like that?
Tommy has taken over an entire table for himself
Ginny sleeping soundly
Missy, looking exotic - Siamese Crossed

For cats sleeping at the area denoted as 'Cats Resting Area', then no petting is allowed. Otherwise, cats sleeping around the cafe in their basket, one could still approach gently to give them a pat or two. Some cat baskets has a notecard informing customers of which area not to pet otherwise, it might accidentally agitate the kitten.

zoning out

Children should thread gently as I saw some who had roughly shook the pole where the cats were sleeping on. Thankfully some parents were quick to catch on and they'd educate their kid accordingly. On the day of visit, there were some couples, many teenagers and some families, one or two solo patrons and the occasional tourist couple.

sitting on my throne

At about 430pm, some of the cats started to wake and roam the cafe. Some cats might jump up to your table, and I'd seen the girls taking selfie with the cat. One or two of the cats felt a tad bony but the rest were pretty well-fed. Their fur was so nice to touch. Most of the cats were not jumpy except for Kelly, who is abit more timid. Some will avoid your touch if they don't feel like having any interactions for that hour.

let's play
call me Princess
awww, such a cutie this Cookie

One of the cat had a scarf that stated '胖' which means fat. Healthy looking cat but I didn't get to see his face though. I wonder if he's Fruitcake.

don't call me fat
hi there, what is your name?
Tuxedo - local long fur
Ginny - Singapura breed
It was a nice visit and cats do make a nice subject for photography. It was a relaxing time to spend with the kittens.

The Cat Cafe

Address: 241B Victoria Street Level 3.
Business Hours:
Monday: 3pm to 10pm
Tuesday – Sunday, Public Holiday: 10am to 10pm


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