Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Kan Sushi @ International Plaza

Having cravings for sushi and decided to give Kan Sushi a try. Reservation was fairly easy via eatigo app. The restaurant is located at Level 2 of International Plaza. Took the escalator up and was nearly late for the lunch as as I went towards the opposite direction. Coincidentally, there's another Japanese restaurant at this end. Nevertheless, Kan Sushi's signage was easily recognizable.

Walk past the 暖簾 (noren) and Chef Kan was right at the door. Showed him the reservation and was pointed to a counter seat. The shop is small and cosy. It was rather late, near to 1.45pm when Cherlyn arrived.

counter seat view
We started with lobster salad, which was a rather dense bowl of lobster in mayonnaise dressing. Pretty similar to potato salad in terms of taste but with chunks of lobster in it. Tasty.

lobster salad  ロブスターサラダ @$10

Next, there's grilled mentaiko. That's something new. No, not the mentaiko but the fact that we are eating it as it is. Makes a good topping for a bowl of rice though. Or to be had with alcohol, but we weren't drinking. Very salty but somehow addictive. To be eaten together with the cucumber slice.

spicy cod roe  辛子明太子 @$13
Have not forgotten the main purpose! To have sushi! Alas, anago sushi is not available. What a bummer! The tuna sushi was having a promo, so we had one.

Chef Kan said to eat it as it is. So we did. There was a tiny bit of wasabi in it and it had a drop of soy on its surface. Start light.

hon maguro akami 本マグロ赤身 @$10
Next, Chef Kan places a piece of sushi that none of us recognizes onto our board. "Meat from tuna head." He said. Was about to say that we didn't order this, but he said, "Service." Wah, thank you Chef! This was an impressive piece. Stronger flavours with nice oily texture that almost melts in your mouth.

tuna head sushi (complimentary)
Next, aburi salmon belly. Served with a dot of yuzu ontop. Loved the smokiness from torched sushi combined with the oily mouthfeel. Yummy.

aburi salmon belly トロサーモン @$5

Another of my favourite sushi, the hotate. Raw scallop sushi, so sweet! Can't get enough of the fine taste of fresh scallops.

scallop ホタテ @$6
For sushi finale, ended with chutoro. Save the best for last, they say. I think I need one more!

medium fatty tuna chutoro 中トロ @$12
Cherlyn ordered the maguro kama or also known as the grilled large tuna cheek. A large piece with plenty of flesh. Quite a struggle to eat with chopsticks, so Chef took pity on us and brought out the fork and spoon. For easier digging. The tuna cheeks is definitely meant to be shared. I think it'll be quite jelak to finish it on your own.

鮪かま @$28
To end the meal, we had coffee with a Snaffles cheesecake. The staff had to collect it from the nearby Snaffles shop though. Maybe it's a collab or something. Quite liked the black coffee. Not too acidic. Just nice.

Black coffee with Snaffles cheesecake (sorry, ate some!) @$6.80

Thank you Cherlyn for the treat! Enjoyed our short lunch break and till next time!


  1. We walked in to the restaurant without reservation at 6pm sharp when it opened, the staff said only counter seats are available, and we must leave by 7pm. But they missed our order and again took the wrong order. The cook tried to calm us by giving us a small bites to wait, but one of the staff suddently removed it to another table.
    I was sitiing for more than one hour, witnessing many mistakes by the cook and staff. It is just a small restaurant,but they cannot even managed it well. Very disappointing.

  2. I love sushi so much and looking at your high-resolution macro shots of sushi made my stomach go crazy :) Thanks for a very informative and educational review.


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