Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Oriole Coffee + Bar @ Capitol Piazza

Having been to Oriole at Somerset in the past, I had the impression that they served quite a good Jamaican jerk chicken and coffee. Had the chance to try Oriole in Capitol Piazza (didn't know they had an outpost there!) recently and here are some photos of what we ate.

Shermaine wanted to use The Entertainer App and we opted for similar value items to enjoy the 1-for-1 offer. For this, the staff informed us that we needed to get 2 items from the same section of Classic and All Day Breakfast. Not sure why there's such a restriction instead of just relying on the price of the dish, we complied nonetheless.

Fish Tacos @$20
Oriole Truffle Burger @$18
Fully Loaded @$20
2 Eggs + 2 Muffins @$21

The Fully Loaded has choice of 2 sausages (pork/cheesy chicken), eggs done your way (scrambled, poached, sunny or overeasy), maple glazed bacon, air dried tomatoes, baked beans and toast. For breakfast, am always in the mood for scrambled eggs. But the portion of the eggs here was rather disappointing.

As with any poached eggs situation, there's the customary flowy egg lava shot. The 2 eggs and 2 muffins were spiffed up with spinach and smoked salmon. However, the smoked salmon here was rather flaky. Not sure why. The poached egg had too much vinegar and thus, it was a tad sour.

profile view

The burger patty was overdone and the tacos shell were neither crispy nor soft. It was just in-between. From our experience, I'd say Oriole Somerset may be the better choice. But then again, the last I went to Oriole Somerset was a few years back. Things might have changed.


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