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[Media Invite] Spring Comes Early - CNY Reunion Dinner 2018 @ Amara Singapore

It is that time of the year again! After Christmas, we look forward to Chinese New Year and that'll be in February this year. While our Public Holiday for Lunar New Year falls on the 16 February, the 立春 date is on 4 February. Nowadays, we all know 立春 is that auspicious date to deposit money in the bank for good fortune but in the olden days, it is the day where farmers welcome the beginning of spring. Nevertheless, it is everyone's wish for good things to come and thus, a celebration with good food with loved ones will be on the cards.

In Malaysia, we would usually eat at home for reunion dinner. Elaborate dishes will usually make its appearance on this special day. Hours and hours of preparation in the kitchen is almost certain. For families that would not go through the hassle of cooking on their own, there is the option of eating out. In Singapore, we are spoilt for choice.

Amara Singapore's team of dedicated Chinese chefs, led by Executive Chef Charles Goh will be preparing a sumptous culinary feast for their guests on 15 February 2018 celebrating this Lunar New Year’s 2018 Earth Dog.

Upon arriving at Amara Hotel lobby, guests shall proceed to take the lift up to the third floor and adjourn to the Grand Ballroom. Amara Singapore Executive Chef Charles Goh and his team has curated a sumptuous 8-course menu for the joyous occasion. Guests can choose from The Golden Prosperity at S$68++ or Joyous Abundance at S$88 per person with a minimum of six persons per table.

For guests who would want a more private and posh dining experience, there is the Imperial Fortune reunion package at S$1,888++ for a table of 10 persons. This special package has a room that even comes equipped with a family karaoke system. Guests for the Imperial Fortune package can enjoy dishes such as sea urchin, black chicken ginseng soup and cod fish.

Of course, all CNY Reunion Dinner packages would come with the special salmon yu sheng set, arranged in an exquisite shape of a dog. It was kind of cute, actually.

Ushering in the Year of the Dog Salmon Yu Sheng 
Lo Hei (捞起) in session - 金银满屋 symbolising household filled with gold and silver
发啊 (Huat Ah) for good luck and abundance of wealth!

Chefs has also prepared a special Pomelo Tangyuan (glutinous rice balls) for the occasion. For the Grand Ballroom Reunion Dinner, the tangyuan comes with edible gold flakes.

Reunion Dinner at Grand Ballroom (15 February 2018)

To make your reservations on the reunion dinner at Grand Ballroom, please call: +65 6879 2598 or
email to

psst: we have tried the karaoke and it was fun!

For more information, click here.

CNY Buffet Dinner at Element and EOTS (Element on Tras Street)

Had the good fortune to be invited by Amara Singapore to its CNY Reunion Dinner Buffet Tasting and let's see what they have prepared for the buffet line during Chinese New Year reunion feast.

For starters, my favourites were the Chilled Angel Hair Pasta with Truffle Oil and Kombu and the Homemade Beetroot Salmon. The chilled pasta was refreshingly appetising and noodles were well cooked with springy texture intact and evenly tossed in truffle oil.

Chilled Angel Hair Pasta with Truffle Oil and Kombu
The thought of beetroot reminds me of earthy flavours but it was surprisingly light in the salmon dish. For the Lunar New Year, Chef has also prepared another variant of the salmon appetiser with mandarin orange.

Homemade Beetroot Salmon
Homemade Mandarin Orange Salmon
I think the crowd liked the Mandarin Orange Salmon more than the beetroot ones because I didn't get a chance to taste any of the Mandarin Orange Salmon...all sold out!

Cucumber with Sesame Dressing

For the cucumber with sesame dressing, I liked that it had a slight spicy twist to this tasty treat. Since we are on the topic of non-meat, for a change, one can get Vegetarian Treasure Pot (Pen Cai) instead of the usual meaty or seafood ones. The photo below is one without the soup stock. It was tasty and enjoyable.

Vegetarian Treasure Pot (Pen Cai)
Not to worry, the meat-lovers will enjoy the Roasted Chicken, the Smoked Duck and Beef Bourguignon. I think Amara does the roasted chicken pretty good. So, it wasn't surprising that this was one of my favourite dish, together with the crayfish.

The duck was smoked with camphor and tea leaves and this strongly flavoured item would make a good pulled duck sandwich, that is if there is any left-overs.

Roasted Chicken with Spicy Sichuan Sauce
Smoked Duck with Camphor and Tea Leaves (Whole) 
I was wondering what was an 'ang-mo' dish doing in this setup. The Beef Bourguignon seemed out of the theme but nonetheless, it was a good eat. Don't forget to take the flavourful mash potato too.

Beef Bourguignon

Of course, for seafood lovers, the Black Pepper Crayfish is a must. Why stop at one? Get more! Another good dish that I can't get enough of was the Drunken Chicken. The greenish looking ginger mix was sooo goood! Put that entire piece with all those green stuff and it was pure bliss when you chewed on it. Yums!

Black Pepper Crayfish
Drunken Chicken
At Amara Singapore, dessert is a must. This season, we have chempedak everything. From jelly (agar agar) to pudding, cake and creme brulee. Yes, the whole range except for the tangyuan.

Chempedak Agar Agar
Chempedak Swiss Roll
Chempedak Cake
Start with the light tasting Chempedak Agar Agar and taste the fluffiness of the Chempedak Swiss Roll before embarking on the highly satisfying Chempedak Cake.

Chempedak Pudding
Chempedak Butter Cake
And, the perennial favourite for Amara buffet, the Chempedak Crème Brulee. Sweet.

Chempedak Crème Brulee

Thank you Amara Singapore and Lindy for the invite. Special thanks to Chef Charles for the fun interaction. Huat ah!

Amara Singapore

Location: 165 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088539
Contact: +65 6879 2610

CNY F&B Promotions (1 Feb – 2 Mar 2018)

Element and EOTS (Element on Tras Street)
(6 -12 years)
Reunion Dinner
15 Feb 2018, Thu
 6pm – 10.30pm
Mon – Fri
12pm – 2.30pm
Mon – Sun
 6pm – 10.30pm
Sat – Sun
11.30 am – 2pm
2.30pm – 5pm

*information correct at the time of published. Please enquire from Amara Singapore for more information


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