Sunday, October 8, 2017

[Media Invite] Montana Singapore @ POMO Selegie

Montana Singapore
Happy to know that Montana has launched its V60 Cacao Pourover. Yay! It's a tasty concoction of cacao nibs brewed in coconut water. Had the opportunity to have tried all the 3 flavours; original, mint and smoky infusion. If you have drunk mint on first sip, the taste of the mint was rather subtle. But when I've drank the smoky infusion first, then mint, the taste of the mint seemed to be more prominent thereafter. Very interesting.

V60 menu
V60 original @$6.80

There are also new additions or enhanced variation in its menu. For starters, we sampled the whitebait with fivespice seasoning, sweet potato fries with masala seasoning and the fried chicken wings with garlic mirin sauce.

(top, clockwise) - fried chicken wings @$12, truffle eggs rosti @$19, whitebait @$11, spicy bacon pasta @$17, cold crab truffle pasta @$21
whitebait with fivespice seasoning
fried chicken wings with garlic mirin sauce

If I'm having a beer, I'd go for the fried chicken wings as the starter. Very strong seasoning. The sweet potato fries was rather addictive. Once you've started, you can't stop!

sweet potato fries with masala seasoning @$11

From the All Day Breakfast section, we tried the Baked Salmon with poached egg, Truffle Egg Rosti and the Signature Mac & Cheese Waffle.

Truffle Egg Rosti @$19
Baked Salmon with poached egg @$18
Signature Mac & Cheese Waffle @$15
The plate that has the nicest presentation would be the baked salmon while the most nondescript looking one was the Signature Mac & Cheese Waffle. Taste wise, I absolutely adored the mac & cheese waffle. That mozarella cheese in there, mmm, so good. It has a rather straightforward simple taste, lovely mozarella cheese that's pulley, and subtly sweet waffles.


For mains, we had the Spicy Bacon Pasta and the Cold Crab Truffle Pasta. Happy to see that there was a generous amount of crab meat seen ontop of the truffle pasta.

Cold Crab Truffle Pasta @$21
Spicy Bacon Pasta @$17
These days, I was yearning for something spicy to perk up the tastebuds, hence the Spicy Bacon Pasta was love at first bite. The flavours of everything in there was just nice. It was like a welcome home kind of feeling. Familiar and comforting.

Lastly, a sweet ending to our meal, we had the beautifully plated dessert of Bianco and Rosso. The Rosso was impressive looking with the brownie encased in the dramatic spun sugar. The sauce is Irish whisky sauce.

Rosso @$13
Bianco @$13
My favourite dessert was the Bianco. Everything on that plate worked well together and the taste was just so agreable. The horlicks cheesecake has a lovely texture and tasted quite unlike horlicks yet has a ring of familiarity to it.

Thank you Kris for the invite and Montana for hosting the tasting session.

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Montana Singapore

Location: #01-04, POMO, 1 Selegie Rd, 188306

Contact: +65 98331790


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