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[Media Invite] Fifth Season Tangra Chinese Restaurant @ 28 Race Course Road

It has been quite a while since I last visited Race Course Road. Last visit was mainly for naan's or curry fish head. However, little did I realise that there is an interesting place located there as well called Fifth Season Tangra Chinese Restaurant. An Indian restaurant serving up Chinese fare. Excited to try!

order via iPad
We started with soups; Hot n Sour Chicken Soup, Thukpa Chicken Soup and Manchow Chicken Soup. Portions are good for two to share. My favourite was the Hot n Sour Chicken Soup. Tasty and spicy.

Hot n Sour Chicken Soup @$9.80++
The Tibetan Thukpa Chicken Soup was tangy and refreshing with lots of vege while the Manchow Chicken Soup was comfortingly familar.

Tibetan Thukpa Chicken Soup @$9.80++
Manchow Chicken Soup @$9.80++
One of the items in the menu that caught my interest was the momo. Momo's are basically dumplings stuffed with either vegetables or minced chicken meat. One can have it deep fried or steamed.

Pan-fried Chicken Momo Spicy Plate (5 pcs) @$12++
Steamed Chicken Momo (5 pcs) @$10.90++
The spicy momo was tasty and the spice level was awakening but it doesn't linger. Liked the steamed momo more as it resembled a bit like a chicken xiao long bao.

The restaurant offers a wide range of sauces that will cater to most tastebuds. Go from  Parsley, Oyster, Mustard, Mild Garlic, Manchurian, Sweet Garlic, Sweet and Sour, Chili Soya, Hot Garlic and Szechwan.

Crispy Chili Baby Corn @$14.20++
Fish Kasundi @$16.90++
All the mains at Fifth Season are strongly flavoured and suitable to have it with rice. The Fish Kasundi has the pickled mustard sauce flavour and this was one taste that you either love it or leave it.

Coriander Chili Chicken @$15.20++
The dish that Purple Taste would recommend is the Corander Chili Chicken. The taste was just superb. Lovely flavours, and good juicy chicken texture. Couldn't get enough of this.

Corn Curd Balls in Pickled Szechwan (Semi Gravy) @$14.20++
The corn curd was interesting. It was almost like a corn tofu but firmer. Loved the fragrance of corn in this. The restaurant charges a dollar for each bottled water and they serve drinks like lassi, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages too. The mango lassi was good. Thick and sweet. So appetising!

Mango Lassi @$6.90++
Next up, let's have some carbs. Usually, one would order either a rice or noodles. At Fifth Season, you could have both in one order. For example, the Chow Chow Rice which is a mix of hakka noodles and fried rice with vegetables, egg and spiced with black pepper.

Chow Chow Rice @$13.10
Have you heard of American Chop Suey? It is vegetables in sweet and sour sauce, with a fried egg and topped with crispy muruku. Ecletic, yes.

American Chopsuey @$15.30++
Another favourite dish of mine that night, was the chili prawns. So good. Prawns were of a good size and firm. The sauce would go well with rice.

Chili Prawn Soya @$18.90++
The recommendation would be to come in a small group to try out perhaps just one or two sauces and the momos.

Of course, do try the dessert as the restaurant has some that are not so commonly found. A party of 5 pax could try about 3 to 4 desserts. Thankfully, the sweetness level was manageable.

Rossomalai @$8.90++
Mishti Doi @$6.90++

The Rossomalai is a type of Bengali dessert which has cottage cheese balls, in thickened flavoured milk and pistachio. The texture was a tad spongy and easy to eat. I adored the Mishti Doi, a dessert of caramelized yoghurt. The smooth yoghurt flavour served cold, was good. The last special dessert, baked Sondesh was seasonal and of limited edition. It was made of fresh cheese, dates, jaggery and has a grainy texture. Quite lovely and sweet without added sugar.

special dessert - baked Sondesh

The Fifth Season Tangra Chinese Restaurant has a seating capacity of about 70-pax and they are on major delivery platforms too. The peak timing for the restaurant during dinner is after 730pm.

Thank you Fifth Season for hosting the tasting and HGW for the invite.


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