Saturday, July 29, 2017

[Media Invite] Koat Aroy Authentic Thai Cuisine @ 1 Irving Road Tai Seng

Located just next to Carol Mel Cafe and within walking distance to Tai Seng MRT. Quaint little shop, with interior styled almost like a Bangkok back-alley-like feels. One could find the usual pad thai, basil rice, tom yum goong etc.

As usual, I'd like to check out the Thai iced-tea when visiting anyThai food eatery. It's like ordering fried rice in a Chinese eatery, to gauge its standard. Not the fairest way, perhaps but a habit. The tea was a bit weak and lacked the strong tea fragrance but will do as a thirst quencher.

Thai iced tea @$2.80 each

The food price is reasonable so order away! We tried quite a variety and by the time dessert came, our stomachs were satisfied. Our table had pad thai, tom yum goong, steamed fish, basil rice, claypot vermicelli with prawns, and prawn cakes.

table full
For a meal like this, let's have some beer. Warm night, cold beer. That's the combi for adults.

take your pick

Of course, we had a Singha. Light and refreshing. Sharing the bottle in small small glass was rather nice. Cheers! Singha was $6.50 per bottle or $30 for a bucket of 5. German beers goes for $11.

The tom yum soup was rather tangy and somewhat spicy. It looked rather fiery but thankfully, manageable level of spiciness. Full-flavoured and yums.

Claypot glass noodles with prawns @$13
stir fried basil with pork @$8

The claypot glass noodles with prawns was nice but lacked the umami-ness of seafood. The stir fried basil with pork was so good. Tasted even better with white rice. And beer. Expects strong flavours.

pad thai @$6

We spied plates of pad thai on most tables. If one is dining in small group or single-pax, pad thai would be a good choice. The version here was nicely al-dente, sweet but not overly so.

For finale, I must insist that you try the mango sticky rice. I know, I know. These are usually dime-a-dozen at Thai eateries but trust me, the version here was good! For just $5. you get an oblong plate of warm sticky rice drizzled generously with coconut milk that's both sweet and salty, and lots of yellow ripe, sweet juicy mango flesh. Must try.

mango sticky rice @$5

Thank you Damien for extending the invite and Koat Aroy for hosting the tasting.

Koat Aroy Authentic Thai Cuisine

Address: 1 Irving Rd, Singapore 369520
Contact: 6386 7475
Business Hours:
11am to 230pm
530pm to 930pm


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