Monday, July 31, 2017

[Media Invite] Gu Cheng @ 460 Crawford Lane

Located opposite of Jalan Sultan, this place next door neighbour is Tolido Express. Taxi would likely be dropping you at Block 461 Crawford Lane as Block 460 is not so easily located. Gu Cheng serves Penang cuisine and its menu has about 6 mains and 5 sides.


Do check out Gu Cheng's Hungrydeals (1-for-1 set lunch, and it's a good deal). The food that we tried are assam laksa, prawn noodles and fried carrot cake. Oh my, aren't we taken by that carrot cake. So much so that we had 2 servings!

Penang Prawn Mee ( 梹城虾面) @8.80
bee hoon mee is best combo
The prawn noodles was actually not spicy. Robust with smokey flavours. The sliced pork was nice and thicker than other places. As these are family recipe, it may not taste the same as those you find in Penang itself.

Penang Laksa (梹城亚参叻沙) @$7.80

My favourite noodle dish was the assam laksa. Its flavours, the robust and full-bodied soup and a balanced overall tanginess. Yums! The lady-boss revealed that for this dish, two types of fishes were used. The kembong and sardine. Both typical ingredients for the soup base. When served, a spoonful of sweetened prawn paste (hae gor) is a must.

Penang Laksa (梹城亚参叻沙)
The first impression of the fried carrot cake was of its large chunky pieces. The portion was good for sharing amongst 2 pax as side dish and we spied a few large pieces of prawns. It was topped with hae bee hiam for added taste. What I liked was the piping hot taste and crisp skin. Tasted like this chai tau kway was battered then deep fried. So good.

Gu Cheng Signature Carrot Cake (古城菜头粿) @$8.80

If you're thirsty and wanted something light and healthy, try their signature rose tea drink. For me, I was happy with my sour plum although initially, I was looking for buah long-long drink.

Gu Cheng Signature Rose Tea @$3.00

Another main dish that we tried, was the beef stew. Is this Penang food? Not sure, but it was a rather nice stew. Hearty and tasty. The beef was beefy yet tender. The meat was stewed in Guinness Stout for 12 hours! No wonder. Not to worry, it doesn't have the bitterness of the stout, only the sweetness from the root vegetables and meaty flavours. Thumbs up for this!

Beef Stew (炖牛肉) $8.80
We also tried a number of side-dishes and my favourite would be the lor bak and the prawn paste chicken wings. Worth mentioning is the crispy tofu where the tofu was incorporated with pork and seafood then minced, before deep fried. The achar had lemongrass and had a refreshing taste.

Penang Lor Bak @$3.80 (per piece)
Cuttlefish Kang Kong @$6.80
Penang Otah @$3.80
Crispy Tofu @$5.80 (4 pieces)
Salted Egg Chicken @$7.80
Prawn Paste Chicken @$5.80 (4 midwings)

Actually, the prawn paste chicken is quite pricey with just 4 mid-wings. Now that you have seen the photos, do plan on what to get for that Hungrydeals! Hurry, while promo lasts.

Oh, and there's some kueh if you like to end the meal with something sweet.

kueh kueh

Thank you Hungrygowhere for the invite and Gu Cheng for hosting the tasting. Happy eating!

Gu Cheng

Address: 462 Crawford Lane, Singapore 190462
Business Hours:
Mon to Sat:
11am to 8:30pm

Closed on Sundays


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