Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tianfu Steamboat (Paradise On Earth) @ Tanjong Katong Road

Located after Caltex gas station (opposite side) and there's a durian stall nearby. We were there to have steamboat buffet @$20.80+ per pax.

steamboat set menu
steamboat buffet items (can only choose items from B and C)
table setup for steamboat

For drinks, we ordered a jug of lime juice (@$8+ per jug).

lime juice (good for about 5 glasses)

The soup base (for buffet, can only choose mala/tom yum/chicken/fish head), we chose mala and chicken soup (yuan yang pot).

cooking and we waited patiently

Hmm, forgotten to take pictures of the raw ingredients but one plate portion was rather small. So in a group of 6 pax, you might want to order triple plates of the same thing. Things that I quite liked were the carp fish slice, chicken meat, pork belly and the various vegetables. But the pork belly was two thirds of fats and one third of meat! The fried yam and clams gave the soup a good flavour. But the mala flavour wasn't fiery nor spicy nor numbing. It was just a little pepperish. Oh, and some of our orders were not delivered at each round. We ordered three rounds and each time, they'd forget to bring a certain item. But it's ok, you can try again at the next order.

We also got ourselves a plate of har jeong gai (prawn paste chicken) @ $8+ per 8 pieces (one wing yields 2 pieces).

watch out, served piping hot!

The prawn paste chicken wings were crispy, tasty and juicy although the marinade wasn't even for most pieces.


We paid $27.20 per pax for the meal.


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