Friday, May 11, 2012

Chiso Zanmai @ The Central, Clarke Quay

Located at Level 2, go round TCC and walk across the bridge. It's only opened after 12pm and need to queue to pay first. Lunch is about $14.90++ per pax and top up $1.99++ for unlimited drinks. The drinks include
cold drinks (green tea, iced lemon tea, root beer etc) and hot drinks (coffee, cappucino, latte) all from drinks dispensers. Self-service please.

still empty

reserved seats

this thing cannot be moved, and it's smack right in the middle of the table *LOL*
view from our table

The restaurant was really crowded around lunch time. But do note that there is no salmon (nor any other sashimi) during lunch time on the day of our visit. This was really sad because salmon should be a staple feature in Japanese buffets, no?

cold items section

hot food section

sushi (see, no salmon... sads)

dessert section

First round, here's what I came back with:

boiled octopus with broccoli, ebi and sweet potato tempura, tuna cubes with yam, takopochi, mackerel and okonomiyaki

The food selection wasn't very tempting for me. Really tried hard to want to try the food offered in this buffet. The ebi tempura wasn't replaced as fast as we would like to and it remained unreplenished even after 15 minutes. So, only had two pieces in total. Sads.

looks nice, but the taste was so-so only

beef okonomiyaki (with burnt outer layer??)

The cabbage okomiyaki, can skip because the egg was quite hard and not alot of cabbage in it. Probably can try the boiled octopus (where it retained its bite but it was a nice chew), ebi tempura (if you're lucky), tori karaage (not bad only), tuna cubes (closest thing to raw fish......), matcha tofu (sweeet~), braised pork belly (no salmon belly, will have to make do with pork belly!) and desserts.

matcha tofu (must try)

tuna cubes

braised pork belly

Should eat the matcha tofu before having the sweet corn tofu because the corn tofu has a stronger taste. Both are nice. I ate 3 servings in total. The pork belly was soft enough and not too salty.

soy pudding with ginger syrup

Was quite worried when I saw the cappucino. It looked like it had too much milk! But the taste was quite nice. Bitter and foamy enough. Best compliment to the sweet desserts.

from left: profiterole (puff), cheesecake, eclair, matcha jelly, sponge cakes, passion fruit cake

All of the desserts that's in the picture above was nice except for the passion fruit cake as it has a too tangy taste. For some odd reason, also found that the milk filling in the profiterole and eclair were too watery. Nice and sweet but watery. Odd.


Thanks Cathy for the birthday treat!


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