Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sushi Tei @ Vivocity

Located at Level 2, this outlet seem to be crowded during lunch time almost everytime that I passed by. Decided to drop in for lunch today, and queued for about 10 minutes before getting seated.

Currently it is having an Autumn Promotion where you can get to try fugu fish! However, it was a tad too expensive (and probably luxurious) to have that item for lunch, so we decided to just order a Matsutake Dobinmushi from the autumn promo menu. Also ordered a Kan Buri sushi (coldest season yellow tail sushi) to try from its Kan Buri Promotion menu.

As we were in the mood for sushi, we ordered nama hotate, salmon belly, hon maguro (blue fin tuna), mekajiki and sea welk sushi.

dobinmushi, served with a slice of lime

I've always heard of Matsutake mushrooms when watching Japan Hour, so it piqued my interest in this breed of mushroom. The taste of Matsutake was not as strong as anticipated. Kind of woody and has a nice scent. The soup was clear and light flavoured. Enjoyable.

Matsutake mushroom!

When eating sushi, how can one forget about wasabi and vinegared ginger?


The Kan Buri sushi came out looking quite different from the picture depicted in the menu.

kan buri sushi

Hon maguro was bright red in colour and has nice texture.

hon maguro

The sea whelk sushi was crunchy, so it's a refreshing change from the softer texture of say, salmon.

sea whelk sushi

salmon belly

The Matsutake dobinmushi costs $9++, and the Kan Buri sushi is $5.80++ per 2 pieces.


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