Thursday, February 10, 2011

Old School Delights @ Upper Thomsom Road

Read about this place from a popular local magazine some months back, and we used to pass by it when we were seeking food nearby, so finally decided to drop in recently on a weekday night for dinner.

menu on chalkboard and yummy cakes on display

We ordered mee siam, laksa, nasi lemak and deep fried chicken wings. Top up $3 to get 1 drink (eg. barley, lime juice) and a small basket of fries.

For drinks I had iced lime tea. It looked like regular iced lemon tea due to its colour, but with lime taste. I think I still prefer iced lemon tea, thank you.

iced lime tea

The place exudes old-schoolness in the utensils as well. Check out the container that holds the chopsticks and spoons.

old school container

I had mee siam, and it was pretty decent. Much sweeter than I expected, and not spicy at all! The ingredients were pretty simple, just taupok, tauhu and half an egg.

mee siam
nasi lemak

The fries arrived piping hot, and has curry powder sprinkled on it. Hmmm.. it was a curious taste. But I liked the tartar sauce dip. Goes well, with the fries.

The deep fried chicken winglets (about 6 small winglets per order) were nicely browned, juicy and tasty. Yummy and recommended.

In total, we spent $30+ for the meal and it was enough to feed all three of us, with no room for cakes.


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