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[Tasting] The Quarters Experience @ Icon Village

The Quarters Experience brings forth the signature dishes cultivated out of the passion of Chef Chung Deming, who cleverly utilizes straits ingredients and ever willing to share his culture and heritage through food.

For just $60++ per person with a minimum of 2 pax, one could participate in this journey of Singapore inspired cuisine extravaganza at The Quarters Bistro and Grill - a cosy restaurant located within Icon Village at Tanjong Pagar. The Quarters Experience is available for dinner only and preferably to reserve 2 days in advance and features a 6-course menu.

The Quarters

The Quarters Experience began guests seated at the dining table, eagerly awaiting for the first dish. 

where the East and the West meets

Salted Egg Tebasaki

Salted Egg Tebasaki - Signature Salted Egg Aoili with Chargrilled Mid-Wing

Loved the smoky flavour of the grill in this first item, and the well seasoned wings. Makes one wants to grab a beer with this.


Chawanmushi - Chincalok infused steamed Egg with Ikura

The chawanmushi is the most subtle dish in the Quarters Experience. With only a hint of chincalok to tease the palate. The egg texture was smoothly firm and the ikura provided the contrast in texture with sudden spike in flavour.

Ooh La La!

Literally, a lala (clam) dish. Good play and very local. Served in a deep plate with Signature Chili Crab Sauce with Venus clams and croutons.

Ooh La La!

First impression, was that the chili crab sauce was a tad watery. The croutons were crispy and I'd spoon up a good spoonful of sauce, croutons and clams to eat at one go. Satisfying and strangely addictive. Can't seem to put the spoon down!


What? We are getting foie gras on kaya toast with scrambled egg?! Fwah!!!

The above was my exact sentiment. A piece of luxury in our ordinary favourite breakfast toast? Oh yes!

But foie gras with its rich, slightly gamey flavour on something sweet. Will it be weird? That was the other thought that ran in my mind.


It looked impressive when served. Loved the soft creamy scrambled egg on top of the foie gras. Was a happy person after the first bite. Foie gras on kaya toast with scrambled eggs was a hit for me. The rich savoury of the foie and the thinly spread sweet kaya paired well. More please!


Kueh Pie Tee

Kueh Pie Tee wasn't in The Quarters Experience menu, yet Chef brought it out for us to try. If you are trying to find out what's that secret twist in this kueh pie tee, "There's no twist in this dish." He said. This dish was about traditional flavours executed well in Chef Chung's bistro.

Kueh Pie Tee

Packed to the brim with ingredients, and a balanced flavour. Nice.


Next up, was the main course of Wagyu Beef cubes with Heirloom Rendang sauce and Buah Keluak Fried Rice.


Truly Asian dish, and enjoyed the deep flavours of the buah keluak fried rice. Am not a buah keluak person but this fried rice, I really really liked! Fried with enough fire, and the rice was well coated. The heirloom rendang played an important role, and it is a familiar tangy appetizing flavour which in my opinion, elevated the overall profile of the dish. Wagyu cubes were nicely tender with an enjoyable chew.


Chef Chung first made a name for himself with "Duriancanboleh" which is his version of durian creme brulee. Watch as Chef torches the dessert right in front of you.

preparing the dessert


sweet endings

If you are expecting the pungentness of the durian, there wasn't any. Instead, while the distinctive durian flavour is still there, it was a rather mellowed down version. I understand that even people who were initially adverse to trying durian, could take this version after they've tried it at The Quarters. For myself, am liking it. Durian creme brulee? Can! Boleh!

Come make your reservations today to enjoy modern Singapore cuisine at The Quarters!

Ala-Carte Dishes

Nasi Lemak Burger

Have you tried The Quarters version of Nasi Lemak Burger? Deep fried chicken thigh patty, topped with a pretty sunny side up and sandwiched between two grilled rice patties. Served with crispy ikan bilis and julienned cucumbers. The sambal's buried underneath the chicken patty.

Nasi Lemak Burger @$15

Ayam Buah Keluak Pasta

If you are a noodles person, then this is the pasta version where the noodles are tossed in the delightfully dark buah keluak sauce. Served with wagyu slices, done medium rare.

Wagyu Beef Buah Keluak Pasta @$24

The buah keluak taste in this dish is stronger when compared to the buah keluak fried rice (Rendang - The Quarters Experience).

Shio Bak

For the meatatarians, shio bak in Hokkien means roast pork. Done with ultra thin skin, the crackling was as expected with the meat remaining tender even with a higher ratio of lean to fats. Reasonably priced for the thick slices of meat. Good for sharing!

Shio Bak @$14

Thank you Ivan for the invite and Chef Chung for sharing your passion with us.

The Quarters Bistro and Grill

Location: 16 Enggor St, #01-09 Icon Village, Singapore 079717
Contact: 6834 4174
Business Hours:
Mon - 10am to 4pm
Tues to Sat - 10am to 10pm
Closed on Sundays


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