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[Media Invite] NO MILK Bistro @ 18 Pahang Street

Located at 18 Pahang Street, the closest MRT would be Bugis or Lavender. The shop has two levels. The first floor houses the Fish Soup Boutique while second floor has a cool bistro with all the happening vibes and a bar. One could do their chillin' at the rooftop, yo!


Fish Soup Boutique

Available daily from 11am - 10pm (Mon-Sat), order up your favourite bowl of fish/seafood soup and enjoys the comforting taste of the nourishing Teochew-style fish broth. My favourite is the mackerel fish slices as one could taste the fresh sweetness. For the fried fish, they are using seabass. This means one could get two types of fish in two styles!

Mixed Fish Soup (sliced and fried) 双鱼片汤 @$7

Just right next to the Fish Soup Boutique is a small door that opens up to a staircase. This would lead diners up to the No Milk Bistro at Level 2 (rooftop) for some drinks, chillax vibes and interesting foods. Opens from 5pm to 12am (Mon-Sat).

let's go up
feelin' it
and the fun begins~

Started off with a beer. and the owners have carefully selected Singapore craft beers that pairs well with the food. I got a "Sunday's Brew Pilsner" even though it was not a Sunday but hey, why not yo!

Sunday's Brew Pilsner @$13 (Check out that 照才猫 ~)

The craft beer is from Rye & Pint Brewery, which was started by 3 Singaporean brothers as a hobby. The cold pilsner is refreshing in our hot and humid weather and with ABV 5%, it was a good slow start to the long weekend. Ahhh...

Tasted of citrus with a touch of floral, it finishes with a malty smoothness. Liking this beer. Now that we have our drinks, let's get some food in our bellies.

The menu is an eclectic fusion of the East and the West. There are the usual bar food like fried chicken wings, potato wedges and at No Milk Bistro, these are fused with an Eastern influenced-take. It could be in the marinade, the sauces etc. No Milk Bistro emphasizes on heritage preservation while adding a touch of their individual identities to the foods.

Homemade Meats - Black Charsiu, Secret Recipe Pork Belly and Ngor Hiang (not actual serving size)

The Black Charsiu, Pork Belly and Ngor Hiang are three separate items on the menu with the Charsiu and the Pork Belly priced at $12.80 per plate while the Ngor Hiang goes for $2. My personal favourite would be the Black Charsiu served with a tangy sambal belachan sauce. Nice caramelization on the skin for that sweet smokey taste. Would have been awesome if the slices of meat was thicker!

For finger food (or the usual bar grub), the fried chicken wings had a nice crispy batter and moist meat. The meat was well marinated and flavourful. But do dip into the chili sauce for added oomph. The various chili dips are made from scratch in the shop.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings @$14.80 (8 pieces)

A big sip of beer and a bite of those crunchy wings. Mmmm, now we are talking. No carbs? Nah, just No Milk. There's carbs and they are in the form of delicious freshly made tagliatelle and egg noodles.

Tagliatelle - Thai Red Curry with Tiger Prawns @$18.80
Tagliatelle - Beef Rendang @$16.80

The tagliatelle are long, flat ribbons that are similar in shape to fettuccine and its texture is slightly rough and porous, making it ideal for meat sauces. At No Milk Bistro, they made this pasta using just flour and egg. No water. End result was a more eggy version of the pasta with a delightful bouncy chew.

Both the Thai Red Curry and Beef Rendang sauces shared the similarity of having that familiar Asian spices, providing a rich fragrance and satisfying complement to the pasta. I find the Thai Red Curry lemak and appetizing while the beef rendang has a sweeter start with a hint of spicy finish.

All these talk are making me thirsty (again). Let's get some cocktails for a sweet finish. Tried the gin-based cocktail; Hendrik's Elixer and Blueberry Cucumber Gimlet. While I had my initial apprehension about blueberry and cucumber cocktail, it turned out to be a hit! It's a pretty good ladies drink. Do give it a try and let me know if you liked it.

Hendrick's Elixer @$15 - with elderflower, citrus, mint
Roku Gin based - Blueberry Cucumber Gimlet @$15
If a sudden craving for Chinese noodles hits you, why not try a bowl of the spicy fragrant egg noodles with grilled pork belly/fish belly. Fashioned like mala noodles, one could opt for its spice levels of 小辣,中辣, 大辣 (low, medium, high spicy).

香辣手工鸡蛋面与烤三辰肉或炸鱼肚 (干) @$8

The lowest level of spice, was barely there hence, you might want to opt for mid and above level of spicy. Ours was a bowl with the deep fried fish belly and it was belly-good! However, the salt quotient is high on this one (on the meat).

If you'd like to sober up a tad after all the drinks, you could still order up a bowl of hot, hearty, comforting fish soup. Yes, the menu is interchangeable between the Fish Boutique and the Bistro.

comfort food

Thank you Danielle for the invite and No Milk for hosting the tasting session.

No Milk Bistro

Address: 18 Pahang St, Singapore 198615
Contact: 6291 5854
Business Hours: Mon-Sat
No Milk Fish Boutique (Level 1): 11am - 10pm
No Milk Bistro: 5pm - 12am
Closed on Sundays


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