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[Japan-Nagoya] Nagoya-meshi 名古屋めし or What to Eat in Nagoya Part 2 - Breakfast Nagoya Style at Komeda's Coffee

Yes, we are going to talk about Nagoya breakfast, the Ogura Toast. Interestingly, it originated in 1921 at the Mitsu Ha cafe in the Sakae area of Nagoya. It was created after the shopkeeper of Mitsu Ha noticed his customers dipping their toast in zenzai (sweet red bean soup). Thanks to his keen observation, am glad that we now have this delicious ogura toast in existance.

Komeda's Coffee
morning service

Had woken up early, gotten dressed and went out to hunt for the cafe to enjoy the typical Nagoya-styled breakfast. Alas, the cafe that I wanted was not open yet that day. Hence, I wandered around and found Komeda's Coffee at ESCA underground shopping center.

As with typical Japanese cafés, Komeda's also offers "morning service" (モーニングサービス) or "morning set" (モーニングセット), which is a low-cost breakfast menu available only during selected morning hours and in our case, from 7 till 11am.

The cafe looked pretty packed and was slightly worried if there'll be any seats for me. Waited for about 5 minutes and was greeted by the staff. "Smoking" or "Non-Smoking"? I think that's what she asked. Oh, no wonder I smelled cigarette smoke somehow. "Non-smoking, please." I said.

She acknowledged and asked me to wait. 5 minutes later, a table was available as the previous occupant had finished his breakfast. I was brought to a table big enough for 4 pax. Ooh, such luxury. An oshibori (warm towel) was brought out along with a glass of iced water. Just nice, as it was drizzling earlier.

oshibori (おしぼり) and iced water

Staff was rather nice and let you have your own time before deciding on what to have. It was rather easy for me to decide. Set C of Ogura toast set with hard boiled egg.  At Komeda's Coffee, you just need to order a drink and then the breakfast set is free. Coffee was about ¥560.

Set C - Ogura Toast 小倉トースト with coffee
The milk was strong, hence I only dripped a few drops for a taste. Japanese coffee tend to be slightly more acidic.

coffee au lait

The thick toast was awesome. Spread with delicious golden butter (salted, of course), which by then had gently seeped into the toast, so I just needed to top it with a big spoonful of adequately sweet red bean paste before getting a big satisfying bite out of it. Yums.

delicious toast

Lovely breakfast and good value for money.

Komeda's Coffee

Address: Japan, 〒453-0015 Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Nakamura-ku, Tsubakicho, 6−9, エスカ地下街内
Contact: +81 52-454-3883
Business hours:
Daily: 7am to 10pm


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