Saturday, October 13, 2018

[Media Invite] G Session Arcade @ Hotel G Singapore

We took a break from 'adulting' as Hotel G puts it, and let loose at G Session Arcade on 11 Oct 2018. Ginett was transformed into an arcade arena with neon lights, music from DJ Tang and coupled with the adult drinks from the bar to the likes of Jim Beam Highball, beer and wines.

let the fun begins!

For one night only, patrons could have a go (for free!) at the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and maybe challenge the professional DDR'ers (who displayed their amazing footwork!), or have tons of fun playing the Bishi Bashi game or the classic claw machine where one could win prizes from Laneige, Mamonde and Hotel G.

G Session
fun spirals at the bar

With a Jim Beam Highball in hand, lively chats amongst friends and next, was which food to choose. Three options were available; beef burger, vegetarian burger or the hotdog with sweet potato fries. Guess which item I went for?

beef burger

The beef burger fits nicely onto one's palm and loved the thin layer of melty cheese on it. Patty was thick and done to a nice pink medium. With the stomach taken care of, it was time for some fun!

I'm a claw machine enthusiast, so gravitated to that naturally.

which one should I rescue out?

Put in those tokens, take aim and drop the claw. Thought I wouldn't catch any because one of the claw was at the outer side of the plastic barrier and only three were somewhat touching the target's body. But it lifted and successfully carried the toy to the drop area. Lucky!

hi there~

The folks at Ginett and Hotel G were friendly and they took good care of the guests. Had one of those glow band from one, and another plied me with food. Thank you!

thank you for taking care of us!

Enjoyed the G Session Arcade event and thank you to the team that put it all together for guests to have fun. Special thanks to Natasha, Daniel and team.


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