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[Media Invite] Uoshin Zushi @ 82 Amoy Street

This stretch of road has plenty of dining and drinking places. The likes of Bochinche, Birds of a Feather, Sugarhall, Jigger and Pony are amongst the brands one could find along Amoy Street. If you're in the mood for Japanese food before the drinking starts, then Uoshin Zushi could be your choice.

Was invited to try their foods recently, and it was promising. The foods served at Uoshin Zushi is not the most authentic Japanese cuisine as it has elements of fusion in it. Think Japanese-themed family-style food. Even its music is mostly English songs.

sake bottles decor
Japanese doll
Its interior is wood-heavy and has a cosy comfortable atmosphere. The dining area is spacious and suitable for large groups gathering, as well as intimate dinner for two.

wood-centric theme
sashimi counter

We started the evening with appetisers of edamame and deep fried salmon skin. The edamame was plump and nicely salted. The salmon skin was interesting as it was of an unexpected colour of light golden brown. Relatively thinner than most salmon skin that I've tasted!

edamame @$3
fish skin karaage (fried fish skin) @$3

Since the side dishes are good with alcoholic drink, they do have Sapporo draft for just $8 for half pint, while there's a promo of $10 1-for-1. That's a no brainer of which is the better deal! So do go with your buddies!

Sashimi lovers, you'll enjoy the next one. A beautiful bowl of Natsu Sashimi (for 2 pax). It has two slices each of salmon, salmon belly, tuna, swordfish and scallop topped with tobiko. The version that we had was topped up for the third person. The additional top-up would be counted at ala-carte pricing.

Natsu Sashimi (5 types of fish two pieces each) - @$32

On the day of our visit, the Chef had decided to replace the tuna with yellowtail as the shipment of tuna that day was not satisfactory. The swordfish was also replaced with amaebi. Not an issue as I love yellowtail sashimi! The scallop was very very good as it was plump and sweet. More scallops please!

The Natsu sashimi was hugely satisfying. If you need something more filling, the potato salad could be an option. It was mixed with plenty of hard boiled egg, well seasoned and topped with tobiko. Lovely and one just can't stop eating it!

Potato Salad @ $2
If all the cold food is getting to you, why not warm up with a small bowl of miso soup. Nothing special from its appearance as it looked like any other regular miso soup. However, there is a difference as it tasted somewhat sweeter and not so 'edgy'. Reason being, this restaurant uses dashi to prepare its miso soup and while it drives up the cost, the brother and sister pair running the restaurant would like Uoshin Zushi customers to enjoy the premium ingredients while maintaining it as reasonably as possible.

miso soup
chawanmushi @$3

If you like aburi sushi as much as I do, then the next plate is for you. A beautiful 5-piece torched salmon with various toppings such as mentaiko, sweet sauce, mayonaise, ginger and black pepper that promises to tantalize the tastebuds. I think I'll get two plates of these please, thank you.

Uoshin Salmon Zushi @$8 

There's also grilled salmon fin with sea-salt on the menu, and these are the fin parts with fatty bits. Two pieces per plate.

Grilled Salmon Fin with Sea Salt @$5.50

There was one new item that we got to try. The salted egg tempura with garlic fried rice. The tempura consists of one prawn tempura and two pieces of vegetable tempura (brinjal and sweet potato). The batter was crunchy and slightly thicker and well coated with the salted egg sauce. A child of our friend tried the tempura and enjoyed it! It would have been great if there was less oil on the plate.

Salted Egg Tempura with Garlic Fried Rice

For dessert, we sampled the match and goma ice-cream. Didn't expect the ice-cream to be topped with red bean paste though.

goma ice-cream @$3

All in all, Uoshin Zushi serves lovely affordable, thick slices of sashimi and very good aburi salmon sushi. Recommend the sashimi, fried salmon skin, potato salad, and not forgetting the garlic fried rice.

Special thanks to Nicole and Uoshin Zushi for hosting and HGW for the invite.

Uoshin Zushi

Location: 82 Amoy St #01-00, 069901
Reservations: via Hungrygowhere
Contact: 6222 2600


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