Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Refinery @ 115 King George's Avenue

The nearest MRT would be Lavender, although Grab/Uber provides good alternatives to get there from where ever you are especially when there's promo available. The place is nestled amidst non-food shops and pretty easy to miss. The block number is displayed prominently and that was my landmark to find this place. There's a couple of large black barrels outside so that might be a guiding factor as well.

The place is spacious with high ceilings. Ample seatings are available for couples as well as large groups of 10 to 12 pax. Reservation is encouraged especially on weekends after 12pm.

bar and drinks area

We visited on National Day and they were doing brunch menu with some National Day dishes. Would recommend to get the coffee baller. Quite yummy. Plus, add one shot of Auchentoshan whisky for $3. Valid with coffee order till 31 August 2017.

coffee and whisky

Liked the warm milk served in a sake flask. Choose if you'd like a macadamia/vanilla coffee ball. For non-coffee, there's choco version as well.

Coffee Baller (Macadamia) @$8.50
pour in the hot milk
stir for yummy iced milk coffee
hello whisky

For food, we got poutine and karaage for starters and for mains, we had the hambagu steak and eggs, chicken not-so-little waffle and the wild mushroom risotto.

Cheesy Poutine @$13
Yes, it's common to eat Poutine with chopsticks at The Refinery. Haha! The poutine was rather oriental with all the shallots and spring onions and soy-based sauce. Could do with more cheese though. This one is for lovers of soggy fries.

The chicken karaage was more popcorn chicken-like as opposed to karaage. Abit too bite-sized. Larger piece would be great. The togarashi (唐辛子) mayo dip was nice.

Chicken Karaage @$14
Let's head on to the mains. Had high anticipation but not all delivered. Didn't like the spaghetti-like sauce on the waffles as it was too sweet. The meat texture from the chicken karaage was actually better when compared with the chicken on the waffles. The parmesan waffles was also a tad burnt.

Chicken Not-So-Little Waffles @$24
Wild Mushroom Risotto @$18
Hambagu Steak and Eggs @$26

The best main dish was actually the wild mushroom risotto. Pretty safe flavours. The hambagu steak was promising with its presentation and the thick patty. But the herb taste was too overpowering.

Would recommend The Refinery for the coffee baller.


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