Thursday, March 3, 2016

P. Bistro @ Owen Road

A place that is about 10 minutes away by cab from the office. Visited recently and they had updated their menu. Read more about first visit here before the change in menu. No worries, as items such as truffle fries, chili crab pasta were all retained.

The seating in P. Bistro is really limited. At one glance, it possibly could seat just about 14 pax. Menu items include pasta, meat and burgers. Most items seemed to be either deep fried or spicy. Was having sore throat, so decided to get the roast chicken.

The place do not serve complimentary water, so the next best option would be bottled water @$1 each, or go for coffee. Saw that they have kumquat tea, and thought that as an item seldom seen in cafes, so got myself one of those. Hot please, for the throat needed a whole lot of soothing.

The wait for food, was about half-hour that day. Hopefully, this is not the norm. Thankfully, the food was worthed the wait. Am loving the kumquat tea as well. Was pleasantly surprised to see that it came in a pot!

Kumquat tea @$4

My colleagues ordered chili crab pasta, salted egg yolk pasta and har cheong gai burger. Thought that the pasta portions were slightly smaller when compared to the burger or to roast chicken.

Salted Egg Yolk Pasta @$13

Gai Burger @$12

The Gai Burger looked slightly bigger than the one I had at Grub. Plenty of vegetables in there too. Served with shoestring fries.

Roast Chicken @$13

I think the Roast Chicken might be a misnomer. Perhaps, more apt to call it chicken chop? Anyways, the portion was good and lovely mushroom sauce where one could see those mushrooms. Yums. Served with small side of salad and shoestring fries.

This place serves up reasonably priced food that tasted good.

P. Bistro

Location: 42 Owen Rd, 218941
Contact: 6392 2333
Business Hours:
11am to 10pm


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