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[Media Invite] Have a Merry Season @ FrapasBar By Saveur at The Cathay (Festive Sets available from 20th December – 25th December 2019)

Regardless if you're a 2-pax or 4-pax party, FrapasBar has got you covered for the festive season. We had a jolly good time at FrapasBar previewing their Christmas Feast menu. Party of 6? No problem, just order up the 2-pax and 4-pax sets and we're good to go!

Let's start slow with fried food. The Crab Croquette came looking good with the snow white toppings of coconut and mayo. Tasty but we were so ready for something more substantial.

Crab Croquette
Duck Breast

The next plate was duck breast. Pan seared french duck breast, served with roasted potato, a side of greens and glazed with bigarade sauce. The piece of meat that I had, had this annoying tendon and that made it tough to chew.

Burrata Tomato

To balance the meat, the festive set for 4 pax included Burrata Tomato in pesto sauce. The burrata was rather firm and the pesto sauce was mildly refreshing.

Garlic Prawns (4 pax set)

Garlic prawns could be one of my favourite dishes at FrapasBar! Look at those colours, so vibrant so eat-able! But wait till you break off a chunk of that bread (looked a bit chao tar but its flavours was yum!) and roll it around in the sauce before popping this flavoursome piece into your mouth. Love love the smokey flavours.

Foie Gras

Foie Gras has been a staple at Saveur since its beginning, along with duck confit and Saveur pasta. It delivers and pretty consistently too. Wobbly, rich and creamy.

foie gras up-close

The 2-pax set came with grilled scallops. It came looking like a pearl from the sea, sitting gracefully in its shell.

sweet sweet scallops

The other croquette that we tried was the Truffle Potato croquette. Nothing beats a freshly fried croquette. Don't leave it out for too long!

Truffle Potato Croquette
good flavour and texture

For Christmas, let's enjoy some traditional turkey breast and ham. Slices of turkey breast (skin on) and ham, plated with brussel sprouts, heirloom carrots, stuffings and cranberry jam. This felt like a traditional festive plate. I actually enjoyed the turkey breast as it was not dry and had each small bites with the jam, stuffings and sprouts. Yummy.

Turkey Breast and Ham (2 pax portion)

For the meal, I had a glass of mojito. It is less sweet here and it was served in a nice big mug. Tiara and Rachelle had Sangria and it was a rather large glass! Impressive.

Mojito @$12++
Sangria @$14++

The next dish that we had, was stuffed squid with French Onion rice. I'm guessing that this dish as french onion soup inspired. Ikameshi! Mild seasoning on the squid. Squid itself was tender with a lovely smokiness.

Stuffed Squid
pretty looking

If you hanker after a little carbs, you'll be happy to see the Saveur Pasta, an all time favourite dish of capellini, sakura ebi, pork sauce, chive, shallots and truffle oil. Another of my favourite dish here.

Saveur Pasta

The most impressive looking item in the Christmas Feast menu has gotta be the Beef en Croute. If you are like me and wonders about the difference between Beef Welling and Boeuf en Croute, here is the wiki link to it.

Beef en Croute

A whole piece of beef fillet wrapped up in some sort of vegetable leaves with morels/porcini minced/paste and then encased in pastry and baked, resulting in meat with a very pink center. Can't be help that the outer sides of the beef were more cooked than its center but overall, happy to report that the meat was tender and natural tasting!


Thank you Kris for the invite and FrapasBar for hosting the tasting. It was a hearty meal! The place gets very busy during TGIF and weekends, hence do make your reservations prior.

Christmas Feast @ FrapasBar

Set for 2 pax @$85++ (5 dishes)
  • Turkey Breast & Ham
  • Duck Breast
  • Beef en Croute
  • Hokkaido Scallops
  • Truffle Potato Croquette

Set for 4 pax @$190++ (8 dishes)

  • Turkey Breast & Ham
  • Duck Breast
  • Stuffed Squid
  • Beef en Croute
  • Foie Gras
  • Garlic Prawns
  • Burrata Tomato
  • Crab Croquette

FrapasBar @ The Cathay

Address: 2 Handy Road, #01-11/12 S229233
Contact: 6735 1141
Business Hours:
Sun-Thur 12pm - 1am
Fri & Sat 12pm - 2am
(Food last order 9.30pm)


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