Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kyoto Fair 5 Feb to 11 Feb 2015 @ Tampopo Liang Court

Kyoto would be one of the destinations if I ever visit Osaka. When I think of Osaka food, takoyaki and okonomiyaki would come to mind. When it comes to Kyoto, tofu is the word.

Was influenced by the blog posts by The Silver Chef and Dairy and Cream. A good chance to try out Kyoto food. I think of it as a preview to the eventual, so as to manage my own expectations if I travel to Kyoto.

Kyoto Fair menu

Got the Gion dinner set @$78++. Pre-dinner drink, an Asahi please.

Asahi (bottled 330ml) @$9.95++

The 6 kinds of appetisers and the kyo-yuba uni were brought out to start the dinner course.

6 kinds of appetisers

daikon with miso
The tofu was quite dense. Similar to the one that I had at the Okinawan diner. Kyoto version was very light and with a dash of minced ginger while Okinawan version had sweet sauce.

Enjoyed the kyo-yuba uni. This should be placed permanently in the menu. Light, refreshing and for the first time, the uni tasted so fresh and creamy. That dash of wasabi was useful to wakens the senses. The small block of kyo-yuba here tasted like tofu or was that tofu? No idea as sometimes the substitution of ingredients do happen.

pretty kyo-yuba with uni

While they did not serve the fresh gluten cake with miso, the deep fried yuba dish that they brought out was fantastic. Served with an almost translucent jelly-like savoury sauce, this dish was easily likeable.

deep fried yuba with sauce

The star of the dinner set; Kyoto Beef "Miyabi" A5 Shabu Shabu with Kyoto Soy Milk Soup served with udon, tsukemono and miso soup.

Kyoto Beef "Miyabi" set with udon, pickles and miso soup
as soy milk boils, you will find a film of fresh yuba forming at the top~
this is how an A5 wagyu looks like
lovely chewy udon

The course ought to be shared by two person. The soy milk soup and the A5 wagyu combined, was a very rich taste. As usual, loved the hakusai in any form of sukiyaki or shabu shabu. The soy milk was in its original healthy taste.

matcha fondue dessert

My friend helped with the desserts as I could not eat anymore. But the matcha fondue was like chocolate, tasty sweet and addictive.

petite desserts

It was an interesting experience.


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