Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Famous Kitchen Island-Wide Delivery

If you have been missing The Famous Kitchen delicious food (click here to view the last visit), fret not. You can still da-bao the food from them or have it delivered to your home! Here's the link:

Happy to know that one of the dish that I had missed the most since the first visit, the flavourful Salt Baked Flower Crab is included in the delivery menu! Yay! Will have it for the next round, maybe with one of the affordable bottles. Hehe! At the moment, am also awaiting for their classic KL Hokkien Noodles to be included. Then, it'll be an order to reminisce the classics.

Thank you Jennifer from JY Consultancy for arranging the delivery this time round.

At the moment, one could enjoy additional 10% off for takeaways and 20% off for delivery till 27 May 2020. For delivery, there is a minimum order of $50 to fulfill. Note that there will be additional delivery surcharges from their delivery partner for orders during PH or PH weekends.

Here's a video of the food:

For food that are 'saucy' like the fish head curry, it was evident that extra care was put in place to prevent spillage. Lovely and shows that the restaurant is considerate towards their diners. Thank you!

carefully packed
Traditional Fish Head Curry 亚参鱼头 @$28+/$50+ (half/whole)

Would recommend the Traditional Fish Head Cury. Am impressed with the sauce. Lemak, rich and with a nice spicy punch. The half a head was meaty and fed 2 pax adequately. If there are leftover sauce, it'll make a nice dip for bread too!

I was having a zoom dinner session with my colleagues and showed them the charcoal tofu. They were rather curious about the taste and it made me realize that not many have tried this before! The tofu was well-fried and it was still beautifully intact when arrived. However, the enoki mushrooms can't be compared with dine-in as it had turned soggy. I liked the light savoury sweet sauce for the tofu.

Charcoal Beancurd with Enoki Mushroom 金针菇黑炭豆腐 @$16+

The Salted Egg Yolk Prawn with Italian Sauce had a curious name. Like, what's an Italian Sauce doing in a zhichar dish! Hahahaa. I think the Italian sauce here is the Golden Sand sauce that we usually see for the crab dishes. Truth be told, I thought it was just a thicker version of salted egg yolk sauce.

Salted Egg Yolk Prawn with Italian Sauce 金沙香草虾球 @$27+

Venison with Ginger & Scallion 姜葱鹿肉 @$18+

An enjoyable meal of zichar favourites. If you can take spicy, go for the Traditional Curry Fish Head.

Thank you Jennifer and The Famous Kitchen for the meal.

Let's support local businesses and if you opt for delivery, there's a 20% discount from 18 to 27 May 2020 and for takeaway, there's 10% off at the moment! What's more, is that Famous Kitchen was recommended by the 2019 edition of MICHELIN Guide Singapore, and specialises in delectable Nanyang cuisine. How's that for dinner tonight?

limited time promo

Here's the order link: or call 6636 8333 / 6257 1843 or email


If customer orders with restaurant directly:

  • For order above $100+, no delivery charge.

  • Delivery charge of $10 applies for orders below $100+.

  • For Set Menu for 1, minimum order of 2 sets.

If customer orders online via,  there is a minimum order of $50.

The Famous Kitchen 名食小厨

Address: #01-01, Hong Heng Mansion, 54 Sembawang Road
Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun: 11:30 - 14:30, 17:40 - 22:30
Phone: +65 6636 8333


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