Thursday, May 14, 2020

NUDE Seafood - Surprise Birthday Treat from Friends

My friends sent me some food today from NUDE Seafood, so here are the photos. Most impressed with the careful packaging for the burger. The homemade yoghurt bun seemed light but pretty filling in da tummy. The burger patty was a tad too pink for my liking, but it was surely moist and juicy! Expect messy drips of the srirachi aoili. Suggest to share this with a friend or family, as it may be a tad too much for one pax. Ideally, to pair it with a glass of wine or ice cold beer.

Just a Burger @$18.80
NZ wagyu patty, with homemade Greek yoghurt bun, srirachi aoili, caramelized onions, tomato slice, lettuce - messy burger

There was also the Signature Hickory-smoked Salmon, which I've tried before. This time round, it came with black forbidden rice and grilled cauliflower.

烟熏三文鱼 @$19/90

thank you, my friends!

Here's the link to enjoy NUDE Seafood at home:


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