Thursday, March 26, 2020

Crown Bakery & Cafe @ Bukit Timah

Located at Crown Centre, this bakery cafe is painted in charming cerulean/tiffany blue. Looks striking from afar and had passed by this place once and yesterday was the first time trying it.

cafe's facade
let's eat some breads

The cafe welcomes walk-in customers and do not take in reservations for seats. Ample tables at the alfresco area and they are observing the safe distancing rules. Indoor dining is limited to 3 tables during this period.

indoor dining

Order at the counter and make payment first. Customers will be given a buzzer and to collect when food/drink is ready. Staff are young and friendly.

As with a bakery, was inclined to try their breads, hence ordered their B.L.T.C and Grilled Pork Sandwich. Customers can choose their bread for the sandwiches, so we had ciabata for the sandwich and croissant for the B.L.T.C.

For drinks, I tried the mocha and the "Sweet N Simple" juice.

B.L.T.C (front) @$14.90 and Grilled Pork Sandwich (back) @$15.90

I suppose B.L.T.C stands for bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheddar? Hahaa! All the yummy ingredients in the sandwich. Very tasty combo and slightly on the saltier side due to the bacon. Sinful, and satisfying. Loved the salad on the side. Fresh, crisp and tasty from the sprinkling of dressing.

thick cut bacon stack

But the star, ought to be the grilled pork sandwich. Well buttered crispy toast, thick cut juicy and flavourful pork belly that was grilled perfectly. Yums! Not forgetting them pickles in there. Lovely combo.

thick and juicy

Have it all with a glass of sweet healthy juice. I liked my green apple and celery juice. Sweet~

Sweet N Simple @$6

For hot drink, try the mocha. Loved the sweet thick cocoa taste, and I thought the drink temperature was just right. Enjoyed this quite a bit.

Mocha @$6
thick and sweet

And of course, da-bao'ed (take-away) some of the breads. Can't buy too many because its prices are on the higher side.

Assorted Breads

Salted Butter Roll @$2
Almond Cream Brioche @$2.40
inside of the brioche

My favorite of the lot, was the Japanese Sweet Potato Mini Loaf. When its stated as mini, it really was!

Japanese Sweet Potato Mini Loaf @$5.20
I thought the sweet potato was just on top
but I was wrong, inside there's sweet potato~
plentiful of sweet potato~

Crown Bakery & Cafe

Address: 557 Bukit Timah Road #01-03 Crown Centre, 269694
Online Shop:
Contact: 6463 3066
Business Hours:
Daily 730am to 7pm


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