Monday, September 29, 2014

Hansang Korean Family Restaurant @ Novena Square 2 Part III

Once again, lunch at Hansang. Was a cold afternoon, so we wanted something soupy. Ended up with budae jigae (army stew).

army stew (budae jigae)

Took the set for 3 pax @$48++. Came with steamed white rice, 6 side dishes (non-refillable), ice-lemon tea and an appetiser. Really carb overload!

appetiser: anchovies, potato salad, black beans
The kimchi goes well with the steamed rice. Yummy. There's also a dish of sliced guava, marinated. Crisp and refreshing. Wished there were more kimchi! How can a tiny plate of kimchi satiate all 3 pax?


There was an additional one small plate of pancake with just two small slices that arrived on our table after we had started our meal. Perhaps a sampler?

pancake sampler

The iced tea was nicely sweetened and a good foil to the spicy stew.

iced lemon tea
lots of zucchini, sausages. sliced rice cakes, macaroni, some spam, beansprouts, golden mushrooms, kimchi and one cake of instant noodles

The pot may look shallow but it was good enough to feed 3 pax. Doubt one would still feel hungry after all those carbs!

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Zaffron @ Oasia Hotel

Located at Level 1 of Oasia Hotel, Novena. Lunch buffet on a working day? Yup, that's right. Food coma, thereafter. In terms  of variety, it is lacking but there're still some good eats here.

Asian themed, so one would find roasted chicken/duck, laksa, fried rice, stir fried vege, sweet and sour pork, watercress soup, and a touch of western with baked salmon. Over at the appetisers section, there's kueh pie tee and smoked duck mini buns. Plenty of salads, and some variety for desserts.

let the buffet begins!

Started with some beet salad and small bites. Don't forget to add condiments to your salad, if you'd like. There's olives, seeds, cheese etc.

chicken salad, leaves and beans
mini smoked duck buns
beet salad, DIY kueh pie tee and smoked duck bun
This is the first time I'd eaten beet cubes. As a drink, it was ok. In its solid form, there's a certain rawness and subtle sweetness to it. Kueh pie tee was good. Crispy sweet shell, loaded with tasty turnip shreds, topped with a shrimp with a dash of chili. While stocks last. Come to think of it, how come I only ate one!

There's also a DIY laksa station. It was good. Not spicy but tasted fragrant and luscious with coconut milk.

DIY laksa, with quail egg, sprouts and sliced fish cake

For drinks, it was limited choices of only coffee/tea/water. No juice. I think if there's juice, even bottled ones would address a bit of customer's expectation of a buffet.

the roasts - pork, root vege, duck and chicken

Gosh, just realised that I didn't try the duck. Bummer. But the roasted pork was good. Crispy crackling skin. But too much meat though.

pork and stir fried cauliflower and broccoli
mayonaise deep fried chicken

My dad would approve of the mayo fried chicken. He's into all sorts of mayo now.

chicken fried rice with silver fish

Though there are no standout items, I had enjoyed the watercress soup, roasted pork and baked salmon. Kueh pie tee and laksa are recommended, just a little hassle to put the ingredients together.

stir fried broccoli, salmon, roasted chicken, roasted pork, fried chicken

Time for dessert and coffee.

bread and butter pudding and cakes

Bread and butter pudding was alright, but the cakes were better.

orange mousse-cake with chocolate ganache, and spongecake with cream cheese

The sponge-cake reminded me of both rainbow cake and red velvet.

Price for buffet lunch per adult is about $42 incl. tax.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shi Li Fang Hotpot 食立方 @ Orchard Central

Located at Level 7 of Orchard Central. This casual hotpot restaurant is considered quite new in Singapore. However, the Shi Li Fang brand is not a stranger in Beijing F&B industry. Established in 2009 and it has grown to 20 outlets in Beijing since then!

store front

The vibe is very casual. Not a problem if you like your hotpot all for yourself as this place offers individual pot, as well as bigger pots for groups. Single pax diner would feel right at home here.


Really spoilt for choice with as many as 6 soup bases, and there's option for double, triple and quadruple-flavoured pots. Prices of soup bases are from $3.60++ (per pax) to $11.80++ (per pot).

The usual mala (麻辣) soup is available.'s not very spicy by default, so you could opt to notch-up the heat by requesting it to be spicier.

My choice was e a double-flavoured pot of fish soup and tonic chicken soup.

induction cooking
(from left) chicken soup and fish soup

If you had felt indignant over hotpot outlets that charges for dipping sauces, there's no such problem here as its dipping sauces are free of charge (免费调料自选).

take as much or as little as you need

Prices of drinks is less than a dollar per cup, and canned drinks starts from $1.50++.

90cents drinks: water chestnut, lemon tea, lime and barley

This restaurant serves up non-buffet style hotpot experience. Shi Li Fang also offers sets, which comes with vegetable platter and a choice of noodles. All sets are priced at less than $20. Plenty of choices, from crabmeat to beef/chicken/pork set, as well as mushroom/vegetable sets.

chopstick, wet tissue, ladle and spoon - all ready
sesame paste with oyster sauce and plenty of spring onions

Didn't get anything from the set items. Instead, went ala-carte. Got myself a plate of baby cabbage (or also known as nai-bai 奶白菜) The portion that came was actually quite a good for single-pax. Vegetables are priced at $3.50 for two items combo. Nice.

奶白菜 nai bai (baby cabbage)

Beancurd and fish skin are two items that I'd recommend. The fish skin here was best suited to be boiled in the soup. After boiling and absorbing some liquid, the skin became a delectable chewy collageny mass. Tofu, was so silky smooth and soft. Double yums.

beancurd (豆腐) and fish skin (鱼皮) @$3.50++

Very seldom one sees fresh eel offered as hotpot item, so ordered half portion to try. Tiny slices and once cooked, it retained some chewiness and slight crunch. Think I still liked grilled ones best!

 fresh eel 鲜鳝鱼 @$5.80++ half portion

Ordered a portion of premium beef, and it was actually quite a lot for one pax. Good for sharing.

premium beef @$16.80++
pork belly @$5.20++ per portion

Pork belly looked as though it was more suited for grilling, than in a hotpot. Much preferred the beef slices.

Had never thought that marinated meats could also be one of the hotpot items. A recommended-try here is the Shi Li Fang Specialty Chicken. Was pretty fascinated when the chicken remained tender even after boiling it in the soup, like forever. And its marinade/spices can still be tasted distinctly. Amazing.

Shi Li Fang Specialty Chicken @$5.80++

For carbs, we ordered its handmade noodles. What we got was two flattened strips of dough. 'Handmade' means diners will have to 'make' the noodles, themselves.

'handmade noodles' @$1.80++ (with plastic disposable gloves)

Simply take the disposable gloves out and wear it. Take the ends of the dough on each hand and start pulling in opposite direction while gently swing the wrist up and down.

pull and move wrist up and down

Then just slide the one long noodle into the pot. Tasted smooth and good, if it was pulled thin enough. Otherwise, can be eaten just like mee hoon kway (面粉粿).


some say the egg noodles was good

The chicken soup base was tastier but it was also pretty oily. Fish soup was light on the palate and suitable to cook all sorts of meats or vegetables in it.

Was extremely easy to go overboard when ordering ala-carte. One portion of vege and meat, was already enough to feed one pax.

For those who still like to share a pot, the option is still available.
with big pot with 4 soup bases

Something unique was also spotted in the restaurant. A traditional looking basin with handles. Hmm... It's actually a spouting basin, or also known as fish basin (鱼洗).

spouting basin

Quite fun. You may want to try it. Wet your hands first before rubbing on the handles. Here's a video of when water droplets starts to jump.

Thank you HGW for the invite and Shi Li Fang for hosting the dinner.

promo of 50% off all seafood and meat items, ends on 30 Sept 2014

For those in Orchard Central vicinity during lunch hour, you might want to drop by this place as set lunches are priced at $9.90++ only.

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Shi Li Fang 食立方

Address: #07-10/11, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Central Road
Contact: 62380800
Opening Hours: Daily: 10:30 - 22:00

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Entertainer App Singapore | Great Savings | Saha @ Duxton Hills

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That's it! The Entertainer Singapore One Month Mobile is now yours to use! With so many merchants to choose from, where do I start?!

Well, how about a chic restaurant at Duxton Hill for contemporary Indian cuisine? Introducing Saha Signature Indian Restaurant & Terrace Bar @ 9A Duxton Hill (2nd floor, because 1st floor is Buyan, a Russian dining place).

Why Saha? Because it is running a time limited 2-for-2 indian tapas promotion when one uses The Entertainer voucher.

Promo @ Saha

The restaurant is very near the public car park at Duxton Hill. Look out for its blue sign-board.

you've arrived
up to second floor

Let's take a look at some of the Indian tapas in tasting portions.

Khasta Roti Tacos [Vegetarian] - Amritsari chickpeas, avocado salsa and  sour cream
The chickpeas were pretty prominent in this dish. One mouthful and its gone. Nice presentation.

Top: Baked Samosas Triangle [Vegetarian] - Potato, cashew and green peas filling, chutney foam

This must be the flakiest samosas that I've ever tried thus far. Baked and not deep fried. Healthier and equally as tasty.

For drinks, I'd like to have a cocktail please, and they have plenty.

Indian Mojito

Easy to drink, refreshing but not overly on the leaves. Sweet but not too sweet.

There's an interesting mocktail where its infused with cigar smoke. Yep, you read it right. Cuban cigar smoke! This drink is a varietal of Bloody Mary. Abit too funky for me though.

jar of mystery - can you see the smoke?

 Back to more tapas. Pashmina chicken. Subtle flavours, moist tender chicken.

Pashmina Chicken Supreme Kebab - Mace and cardamom marinade, toasted pistachio, saffron sauce

Saha is helmed by Chef & Chef Patron Abhijit Saha, who holds the prestigious title of ‘The Best Chef of India’ 2013, brings forth regional Indian cuisine with modern cooking techniques and presentation. Expects a blend of traditional and modern, executed with sophistication.

All the mingling and chatting made me thirsty. Time for another drink. A visit to the bar!

Cryo Pomergranate Margarita

Loved the strong margarita. Quite yums, especially with the salt. More please!

If you can only have one tapas, make sure you try the Prawn Milagu Roast. Fresh firm succulent prawns, lovely strong flavours. Goes well with cocktails.

Prawn Milagu Roast - Crushed black pepper, onion, tomato, curry leaves

One last drink, the Compressed Watermelon Martini. Another yummy drink. Premium ingredients, sweet and refreshing. Watermelon with salt is always good. Nice and cool for a humid warm evening.

Compressed Watermelon Martini, with sea-salt foam

So hurry down to Saha to redeem the 2-for-2 Indian tapas before 1 October 2014! With the savings, you might want to get one cocktail (or two), from the bar. Cheers!

All these, shall be possible with 'The Entertainer Singapore One Month Mobile' downloadable from here and apply this code: @purpleeats

Happy Eating, Happy Entertaining, Happy Saving. Enjoy!
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